New Honda City Would Have Been A Better Option Instead Of Honda HR-V In Pakistan

2015 Honda City

It is not a secret that Honda Vezel has been selling like crazy in Pakistan and has gained a lot of traction in last two years. You probably also know the fact that Honda Atlas tried to steal a little bit of Vezel’s spotlight by introducing its non-hybrid sibling called the Honda HRV at the start of this year.

And I am quite sure the new HR-V will be able to put even a dent in the sales of used and imported hybrid Vezel, which is in my humble opinion, an overall better car compared to the HR-V. But I do wonder, wouldn’t it have been better if Honda Atlas has brought a new generation Honda City? People I know, my friends and colleagues, we sit and talk about the same this. “When is the new City coming?” To which, unfortunately, I don’t have the answer.

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There is no doubt that Honda City has done quite well in Pakistan since its launch. For whom the Civic is a tad out of budget, Honda City is a cheaper and viable alternative but after 8 years in production, Honda fans are just left wondering whether Honda Pakistan will provide the new City or not. On the other hand, Toyota managed to attract most of the buyers with their new Corolla, which is selling like hotcakes.

2014 Honda Vezel

2014 Honda Vezel

2016 Honda HR-V

2016 Honda HR-V Pakistan

My point is, let’s be honest, HR-V was not the right decision as not only it is more expensive than the Vezel but Vezel also outshines the HR-V in almost every department. Only if Honda Pakistan had introduced the new City, I am sure we might have started to see them on the roads by now. Not only the City would have been cheaper to buy, compared to HR-V, but it’s a car with a huge fanbase in Pakistan. But unfortunately, the needs of few outweighed the needs on many. Although the new 2016 Honda Civic is around the corner and many are excited about it, but City fans have been left stranded.

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What do you guys think about Honda’s decision to prefer HR-V over City? And yes, I know both are different cars and cater to the different market. But I think it was more about bringing a new car that would sell better, and not about bringing a car that would cater a certain market segment.

Do share your views in the comments section below.

Current Honda City in Pakistan:

New gen Honda City at 2016 Auto Expo:


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Awais Yousaf

I'm a crazy car guy. I want an aeroplane hangar full of cars. Is that too much to ask for?

  • Bitter Truth

    Honda, Suzuki and Toyota. Bs yehe life mai baqi hai Pakistanion ki.

  • Hassaan Ahmad

    Honestly,HR-V just encouraged imports because of availability of spare parts.

  • Usman Raja

    I have spoken to Honda Centre and they skipping this model of city as they are starting booking for New Honda Civic in june!!!
    So we are stuck with this City ( Mehran ki suspension wali :P) for good 2 or three years!!!

  • Guest

    Land Rover, Audi, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche. All have dealerships here where you can buy official zero meter, not a grey market import.
    FAW is also present. Please leave your tunnel vision.

  • Abdul Basith

    Atlas Honda’s top management should be fired if Honda wants to stay current in Pakistan

  • Kashif Akbar

    Honda Atlas tries to make fool to their Japanese partner. they launch CRZ, then HRV just to make no. of models they do. in-fact they are making a fool of themselves by offer such cars that cater no demands of people. right said by awais yousaf, if the same energy was spend on launching new city, corolla sale could been applied a brake. but, companies refuse to cater the demands of clients. they make decisions to implement their own interests. for coming months, i can rest assure, if new civic is around 25 lacs or more, they can never beat corolla which is enjoying such a peak of sales. i favor launching new city will favor manifolds then launching civic just to tie the neck of corolla’s high-rise selling is nothing but a dream job.

  • Awais Yousaf

    Do check the prices of all the vehicles of these manufacturers and compare them with the international price.

  • Janjua

    Awais yousaf is very right…Honda atlas has not only given clear domination to corolla in Pakistani auto market by not introducing new city but has dropped its sales of all units. After the addition of new features like immobilizer etc by corolla and new entrant friendly auto policy, Honda will have to packup from Pakistan soon.
    Honda Atlas top management is surely deceiving Honda Industries by going against the wind in Pakistan.

  • Guest

    The reasons for current downswing in Honda’s sales are different:

    1. City till 2008 was popular because it was fuel efficient despite its odd looks. When the car was launched at first, people didn’t accept its mouse shape, then with the facelift, it became better.

    2. The City since 2008 had a much better shape (rocket), it was larger, but there was knocking problem in engine. Actually the problem was in low quality fuel available in Pakistan, but you have to consider that other cars are being sold and can still perform suitably on the same low quality fuel.

    3. City’s suspension was hard and uncomfortable.

    4. Despite the above problems, Pakistani consumer demonstrated bhair-chaal and 2008+ City was successful for many years, whereas the 9th gen Civic was not being popular because of small body and big engine.

    5. When 11th gen Corolla was launched, people saw respite as it had a new shape, people who used to go for City now shifted to Corolla once again. Indus who were having non-production days now are working overtime. Corolla also did not have the hard suspension and knocking problem.

    6. The Pakistani audience are far more practically oriented. They will consider comfort, fuel economy, cheap maintenance and resale first. All the time PW bloggers and commentors are crying about the “shape” of the car but it is truth that once you are sitting inside the car, you do not see the “shape”. Rather you experience the comfort, fuel economy, engine knocking sounds, cabin insulation etc.

    In the past decades, people who used to buy Honda wanted something classy (not ricer, with EK9 and reborn, things changed), didn’t care much about resale value, liked fast and powerful engines, unique body shape, newer technologies, better customer service of Atlas compared to Indus and Suzuki, people used to keep that zero-meter Civic or City for a long time, maybe more than 12 years in the same house, cheap scrapyard spares, easy maintenance (till Prosmatec, Honda engines also used to be easy). As production and resale value of Honda increased, the type of customers coming to them have also changed.

  • Guest again

    Regardless of the price, the options are still available in the “life of Pakistanion”.

  • This
    new City is also available in CNG by the factory… but Atlas Honda is
    either dumb or want to create a new history in footsteps of Mehran !

  • Daz

    I agree. They are available here and thats what matters. Infact if one was so inclined one could purchase a brand new factory order Porsche 911 GT3 RS or 911 Turbo S somewhere in the region of $475,000-525,000usd….Yes thats over double the price than in other countries but thats not the point here. Respect the fact we can even get such cars here.

  • Haroon Nadeem

    Can We Buy Honda City 2016 New In Pakistan
    If We Buy The Than Tel Me How To Do..?

  • Disappointed

    oay chup kar.. respect the fact ka bacha..

    jo cheez jitny ki hy utny ki hi milni chahiay. ajeeb soch hy tum logoun ki. improvement ki taraf jao. halat say samjhota na kar ky baith jaya karoo. grow karoo. ajeeb jahil awam say pala para hy.

  • Disappointed

    ajeeb jahil log hain.. jeep renegade ka suna hy kabhi.. hazar darjay behtar gari hy in sab say.. 55 mpg appox 22 kmpl ki average daiti hy.. 20000 GBP ki hy (28lac PKR)..

    per nae.. u have to spend 28lac pkr per laini ghatiya si honda hy ya civic hy.. sirf is liay ky awam jahil hy.. gadhoun ki tarha bagair kuch poochay chup chap chalti rehti hy.

  • Disappointed

    estate wagons kiun nae daity yeh honda/toyota walay in Pakistan.

  • Awais Yousaf

    pata nai. Jis chez ki demand hai wo koi b nai deta.

  • Awais Yousaf

    You can buy the Honda Grace which is the hybrid version of Honda City in Japan. It will cost you around 2.5Million ruppees.

  • Salman Ahmed

    To sir Niklae na ghar se .ghar Peye beath kar to har koi sher ban jata ha .bahar aker har kisi ki bolti band ho jati ha

  • Salman Ahmed

    Bethar yahi ha bandae Honda grace lain lae