New Suzuki Baleno Will Be Officially Launched At The Frankfurt Auto Show

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Name Baleno is not new to people in Pakistan as it was the first compact sedan released by Pak Suzuki more than a decade ago. Though Pak Suzuki is some manner replaced it with Liana sedan which has also seen its fate and could not survive the local Market as well as Baleno did. Suzuki has always been known well for Kei cars or small hatchbacks. Suzuki has wide variety of  car choices available to customers in Europe, Australia and specially India.

Recently spy shots of the upcoming Suzuki Baleno surfaced before the official debut at Frankfurt Auto Show. The next Baleno hatchback will be available for the European and some other select market. The Baleno will be on Suzuki’s new “rigid platform” as they call it. According to Suzuki it will give it 10% more body rigidity than the current vehicle line up while the smooth and continues chassis will reduce the weight by 15%. The road noise has been reduced by a major factor with better and improved design of under-body components. All this will improve the car’s overall safety and stability. As far as engine is concerned, it will be available in two displacements. And suspension is MacPherson struts at the front and a torsion beam set-up at the rear for the new Baleno.

A new 1.0 BOOSTERJET 3-cylinder direct-injection turbo engine with power output of  110bhp and  a four-cylinder 1.2 DUALJET engine with 89bhp. The 1.2 L engine will also be available as a mild Hybrid which Suzuki call SHVS (Smart Hybrid Vehicle by Suzuki). It uses a s start up generator instead of conventional starter motor which will help the vehicle start and move from standstill. Suzuki Baleno will be available with 5 speed manual transmission as standard while a CVT and six speed automatic is also an option for customer to choose.

Interior of the car has also been newly sketched and looks upscale. We can’t comment on the quality and finish of materials but Suzuki promised that customer will feel a lot of enhancement. A 7″ touch screen display with Apple Car play is available. A list of safety features also include adaptive cruise control as well as Radar Brake support which is very impressive for this car segment. The car will be available in early 2016 in Europe and later in India and will compete against very tough competition in the form of VW Polo and Ford Fiesta. The base price is around  £12,000 for European market. So guys what you think, if Pak Suzuki brings a Baleno Hatchback will it survive Pakistani market?

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  1. Atif says

    Pakistan will never get this car anytime soon. Pakistan is a dumping ground for Suzuki Japan as is evident from it’s obsolete and inferior lineup based on later 1970s/early 1980s technology with no safety features.

    People don’t have high expectations from Paksuzuki as they have a monopoly here and their mafia is supported by government.

  2. Shani Arain says

    if by the grace of Allah we ever had this car in price range of 10-11lac . it will give a tough time to vitz/passo

  3. jvk says

    ” The car will be available in early 2016 in Europe and later in India and will compete against very tough competition in the form of VW Polo and Ford Fiesta. ”

    I dont think this information is correct. Maruti Suzuki is launching Baleno first in India, by Mid October 2015. I dont know why we have to wait till later 2016 since the production has already started.

  4. Waleed Rashid says

    By the looks of it, this car is going to be a quality piece. The designers did a great job with the sheet metal and have come up with a modern, yet still elegantly subtle design. Since it’s made for the U.K. market, I’m sure that the ride quality will be decent, road noise will be kept to a minimum and with all these talks of rigidity, it should fare pretty well in the handling department, as well. Despite all of these qualities, I still feel like this ill-fated car will be doomed to low sales figures and failure in Pakistan. You see, to the average Pakistani Joe, this relatively up scale car will seem like a competitor to the far inferior Vitz. Why is this? *sarcasm begins here* I mean look at the similarities! The Vitz is a hatchback, so is this! The Vitz comes with a 1 liter engine, so does this! And because it’s a Suzuki, it’ll be cheaper than the Toyota, right?! *sarcasm ends here* Little does the average Pakistani Joe know that this car was made to compete with the likes of the more premium(I gagged a little bit here) Honda City and Toyota Corolla Xli/Gli. The power figures of the engines are comparable and I’m sure the interior room is, too. As a result, the price of this car would be north of 17 lakhs, but the average Pakistani Joe would have trouble dishing out that much money on a hatchback, let alone a Suzuki Hatchback; I mean why would he pay more for less(at least on the surface of it), right? In a nutshell, what seems to be a good car is destined to measly sales figures due to it being a hatchback, and being a Suzuki(and all the associated cheapness that comes along with the name). However, if this comes to Pakistan in sedan form, things might get a little interesting.

  5. Farhan Akram says

    These headlights resemble Swift’s a lot.

  6. Sultan Lashari says

    If this is a success, we don’t get it for a long time, If its a failure, we get shitloads , like the Kizashi.
    because there’s no way this is going to be cheaper than the swift, and hence it cannot be expected to compete with the City or Xli.

  7. Muhammad Ishaque says

    it is going to be in 7 lacks bro check out rates

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