Oil Tankers Associations might go on strike again!

The Oil Tankers Owners and Contractors Association might go on strike starting today, reports media.

The tussle between Oil Tanker Owners and the authorities is not a new thing. And now the recent development is that the Oil Tankers Contractors Association (OTCA), a few days back, sent a letter to petroleum ministry asking to address their reservations or otherwise, the association would go on countrywide strike.

According to the details available to us, the Contractors Association has said in the letter that government authorities favor National Logistic Cell (NLC) over all of us, which is not right at all. The unfavorable and abstruse sales tax policy by the local governments is terrible for our business, the association asserted.

It is to be noted here that the government has increased the prices of petroleum products for three consecutive times this year, which has caused a lot of pain for the local consumers and now tanker associations are threatening to go on strike and if they do so, it will cause more pain to consumers as the supply of petrol will get shorten– meaning scarcity of oil country-wide. The concerned parties are immediately trying tp sort out this matter, so that consumers do not face any trouble.

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Moreover, while talking to the media, the All Pakistan PSO Carriage Contractors Association (APPCCA) General Secretary Nauman Ali Butt also said that the authorities favor NLC a lot. NLC doesn’t pay any NOC fee while the contractors have to pay PKR 4 million for NOC.  It is also pointed out by Mr Nauman Butt that NLC tankers while loading and unloading the petrol NLC, are not required to stand in the queue to wait for its turn; however, on the contrary, we are required to do our bidding after NLC has finished all its work.

OTCA also said that oil marketing companies are not paying their money which is damaging our businesses.

Moreover, it would be worth mentioning here that in January after the failed dialogue between PSO and tanker associations, they stopped providing services to PSO.

Tanker Associations halted their services for PSO, but continued to give the services to all other Oil companies.

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