Suzuki To Bring A Whole Host Of Concept Cars At Tokyo Motor Show

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The 44th Tokyo Motor Show is almost upon us and Suzuki is planning to roll up to the show with three brand new quirky and futuristic looking concepts cars, the Suzuki Air Triser, the Mighty Deck and the Ignis. The Japanese have always managed to come up with the most ludicrous names for concepts cars and this year is going to be no different.

Suzuki Air Triser:

Lets start off with the Air Triser. It is small hatchback that features a unique modular design interior that can, as Suzuki claims, fit up to 7 fully grown adults inside despite the small exterior dimensions. The Air Triser features sliding doors on each side reminiscent to the ones we saw on the Peugeot 1007 nearly a decade ago and they open up to reveal a very large and almost living room type interior with the floors covered in hardwood and the pivoting and sliding seats wrapped in a tough looking fabric. It makes you feel like this is a car you want to take on long journeys. You even get a screen positioned centrally in the interior that controls all the entertainment system. Power for the Air Triser comes from a 1.4 liter turbocharged engine coupled with an electric motor driving all four wheels.

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Suzuki Ignis:

The Suzuki Ignis is the only one concept car from the three that features normality in its design language. Suzuki has been currently trying to change its image from being a manufacturer that only builds small cheaply made cars to building high-quality affordable vehicles which is the sole reason why the Kizashi even exists. The brand new Suzuki Ignis is a far cry from its predecessor and will enter production soon after its reveal at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show. Details on the new Ignis are scare as of now but from the press pictures released we can see a very stylish yet functional interior with the center piece being a brand new touch screen infotainment display. Power is expected to come from Suzuki’s BOOSTERJET small displacement turbo engines we got to see in Frankfurt. Well know more details about the car when its revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show soon.

Suzuki Mighty Deck:

And finally we have the Suzuki Mighty Deck which is by far one of the weirdest designed concept cars we’ve seen from Japan so far, Suzuki’s vision behind the car is to have both urban and outdoor styling rolled together into one tiny car and strangely enough the Mighty Deck is also a convertible, It has a canvas roof that turns the car into an open-top vehicle by folding at the rear. This is where you find out that the Mighty deck is also a sort of a mini pick up truck with rugged looks that are expressed greatly across the rear with the wooden skid plates and boot lid. Though the Mighty Deck only has two seats and a small boot, which is pretty much all it has common with a sports car that the Mighty Deck is trying so hard to be. The interior of the car also continues the same design language we see on the outside defiantly taking some styling cues from the all electric BMW i3.

We’ll know more about all the cars once the Tokyo Motor Show finally premieres till then tell us what you think of the cars down in the comment section.

Story: IAB

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  1. Atif says

    Just to add. All new Swift (fourth generation) is expected to be revealed soon at the Tokyo Motor Show as well. Keep in mind that the Paksuzuki Swift sold in Pakistan in 2015 is a simplified (and featureless) version of the second generation Swift revealed and revealed in Japan in 2004 and phased out in 2009/10. Pakistan will be two generations behind the rest of the world

  2. Alpha says

    So whats the big deal in it. What you waana tell us kid. These are concept cars which never go into production in exactly similar design as being presented. You are talking about their multimedia display and other features as if they are going to be launched in Pakistan very soon. I don’t understand why you write such useless and worthless reviews

  3. MySchizoBuddy says

    because he “eat, breathe and sleep cars”

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