Why Suzuki Will Fail To Sell Kizashi In Pakistan

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It’s been quite a while since PakSuzuki officially launched the Kizashi in Pakistan at their dealerships. I haven’t seen one since then on the roads, though I went to the dealership and saw it from every angle, literally. In short, I wasn’t disappointed at first. Black leather interior, comfy chairs and a reasonable legroom for both front and rear passengers. The exterior, again, is up to today’s standards, the curves, the edges, the smoky chrome grille and those 17’s really gave the feeling of something luxurious. And of course, under the hood was a 2.4 liter motor, which everyone would love to have in a sedan this size.

But don’t get amazed by these sugar coated facts that I just mentioned, as these would be biased statements if I don’t present the other side of the story. There is just one variant you can buy. You don’t get the choice of manual or automatic transmission. You can’t have a different interior tone. You don’t get a SatNav. To add to the misery, it’s not wide enough to be compared to other 2.4 liter sedans such as the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. The exterior does remind you that it was designed by the company that made the Liana, because it’s high and narrow like that. And because there’s just one variant, the dealership I went to, even though it’s one of the their biggest in Lahore, had only one unit. The people their too seemed like they didn’t want to sell it. I asked if they were or would offer a test drive and the man replied “Yar ek he hai hamaray paas” (We’ve got only one). In short, if there was a soft corner left in my heart for PakSuzuki, it was no longer there when I asked the price, just to reconfirm, and the man said “Pachaas laakh” (5 million rupees), in a tone that reflected his reply as “Pachaas laakh, ap k bas ki baat nahi” (You can’t afford a car worth 5 million rupees).

Now for those who may think it’s a biased article against PakSuzuki, no, it’s not. And if at anytime you feel it is, just read the first line, I haven’t seen one on the roads. And it makes sense, because if I had 5 million rupees, I won’t say “I don’t want to buy a Fortuner because it’s based on a truck’s chassis, I won’t buy a BMW because they’re rubbish, I won’t buy a Mercedes because it has a smaller engine, and neither would I buy an Audi because it’s small, but I would buy a Kizashi because Suzuki is well reputed for quality, comfort, luxury and after sales services in Pakistan, they have done much struggle in the past 2 or 3 decades by introducing newer models that I can safely spend my 5 million rupees on a Suzuki.” What I would say is “I know what a Suzuki is, let’s buy something else, other than a Suzuki”.

I don’t have any idea of those who make these decisions at PakSuzuki’s head offices about what cars to bring in our country, but although being an amateur, I know that Suzuki didn’t really have to compete the Toyota Camry or the Honda Accord in Pakistan. Even if they do, there’s a long way to go because of the general perception of what a Suzuki is. Their car may have a better rating than the Honda Accord in the US, but this is not US. The people in US don’t know what does it feel like to spend seven hundred thousand rupees (o.7 million) and get 4 wheels with an engine and a thing (certainly not a car) mounted on it (Read Suzuki Mehran). So please PakSuzuki, be realistic and come to the lineup where you can compete, and have already competed, mid sized sedans.

What they should have done instead, if they were so eager to sell the Kizashi, is they should have replaced the engine with a smaller one, probably a 1.8 or a 1.6 liter, or even both, stripped down the interior from leather to fabric, the electronically adjustable chairs with standard ones, and competed against the Toyota Corolla and the Honda Civic. The reason I am suggesting a smaller engine is that I have seen it, it’s not too huge, and at around 1.5 tonnes, its slightly heavier than a Corolla or a Civic, which can be compensated by a smaller engine and removing some luxuries. So PakSuzuki, please bring something financially and realistically practical that the people of Pakistan can buy, not just gossip about.

What do you think about the Suzuki Kizashi? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Karachi says

    good article but I think by “chairs” you meant “seats”?

  2. Muhammad Hamza Shahid says

    a 1.8 turbo 2 door swift sports, will be much appreciated, (2011 shape)

  3. Bilal says

    Good Article … anyhow no one’s gonna spend 5 million for suzuki … but i am not agree with to lower down there luxuries they only need to drop down their price with same specs if they want to sell it !

  4. usman says

    the day i heard ‘Suzuki Kizashi’ is launched for taking PakSuzuki to step in the ‘From Economical to Luxury Car Manufacturers’ list, i was all excited that okay, huge change from the Paksuzuki’s end is just around the corner… but not even having a NAVIGATOR and asking 5 million Pkr resulted to be a turnoff for the consumers. No wonder it definitely is going to fail in Pakistan. Paksuzuki… apni gari kay features dekho aur apni price dekho…! Khuda Ka Naam Hai!

  5. Bilal Ahmad says

    Toyota Camry 2.4 up-specs AutomaticPKR 10,949,000 i.e. MORE THEN A CRORE
    Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC ProsmatecPKR 10,650,000 i.e. MORE THEN A CRORE
    With the Kizashi being priced at less then half the price of comparable offerings, whats the hue and cry about ? Its like a brand new Liana being offered for 7 lacs when the city and corolla start at 1.5 million, see the complete context instead of making incorrect comparisons.

  6. allah bux says

    It is too early to say anything about this car. As you know pakistan is considered to be small and slow pace market compare to neighbor country for new cars. We dont accept new products in pakistan very easily. I remember we said same thing for Honda city and suzuki swift but now you will find these car on roads. I do agree that they may need to evaluate for 2.0 or 1.8 variant to compete with Civic or corolla.

  7. Haroon says

    I have heard that this car is made for “Official” purposes… means for Govt. Officers as they want to show that they are using local made cars… The car is defintly not for the general public…

  8. Ahmed Hembel says

    Yes, anything you may take a seat on 🙂

  9. Ahmed Hembel says

    It’ll have a price tag you won’t like 🙂

  10. Ahmed Hembel says

    The interior is way too luxurious to compete with Civic or Corolla, that’s why they’ll need to strip it down if they want to compete in the 1.8/1.6L section

  11. Ahmed Hembel says

    If you haven’t seen it closely, I recommend doing that first. You can’t compare it with Camry and Accord. You just can’t. One of the reasons is the perception of Suzuki, others include the size and the features offered. Don’t make analogies with Liana as that too was a failure.

  12. Ahmed Hembel says

    And it’s not a local make 🙂

  13. Bilal Khokhar says

    Nicely written article. I agree with the article as come on now people, be realistic, who wanna buy a so called luxury vehicle made by a company with NO LUXURY HISTORY. It is Suzuki’s first so called luxury car so there must many flaws which will not reveal now but surely will reveal in coming few months.

  14. Bilal Ahmad says

    At less then half the price, I don’t expect it to be as good as it would be unreasonable. Although comparing it with German cars or local assembled thing which is not in its category is illogical.
    And again, whats wrong with a liana if priced that low except the bhair chaal of this qaum ? The same thing wrong with a lancer and a sunny ? Kizashi isn’t meant for the audience which looks for a markeet aali gaddi is it ?

    Which 2.4 liter brand new Japanese sedan can one buy in this land which has guaranteed after sales service and support and “compared” to the German alternatives its dirt cheap to maintain in the long run ? It’s an option for the segment which needs a trouble free luxury sedan while money ain’t an object isn’t the main attraction.

  15. Max Central says

    All business community in Pakistan believe that public is stupid and they can even buy crap at any asking price. People should know the value of money. Rs 100,000 is a huge amount to earn and spend. If we start treating 100,000 like 10 dollars then soon it will be equals to that. Start giving value to Rs 1 and you will see the difference. When public ask salary of 100,000 they look at you as if you have asked jewel for free. But when they sell something like this car at Rs 5 mio they treat you as if its no big deal and its nothing. Paksuzuki should reduce their car prices. Mehran price should be 350,000. Cultus should be 700,000. Wagon R should be 600,000. Swift should be 10,00,000. These are the actual prices of these cars. Selling or purchasing more than that is a crime.

  16. Adnan Ahmad Siddiqi says

    Nicely written article.
    Before offering this luxury car for a niche market, which i believe will be very small, PakSuzuki should have focused on upgrading their current lineup. If you go to buy some thing at their dealers, and you do not have at least 1 million+, then you do not get offered any car with design and lyuxury from current millinium, or even current decade.
    This is the market segment where they have always ruled, so any upgrade here would have created more opportunity for them than in 5mill+ segment.

  17. Rosh says

    The day news was broken by pak wheels about its launch i wrote here its a failure. i wished so because what suzuki has done with people and industry of pakistan.
    let a side 5 million suzuki cant sell it in even half of that with all possible upgrades. just because its suzuki.

  18. Ahmed Hembel says

    If you don’t expect it to be as good as them at half the price, then don’t mention their prices to show them expensive. It may even be better than a Camry or Accord in certain perspectives.
    Comparison with German saloons isn’t illogical. If you live in Pakistan, and you have 5mil, just tell me would you buy a Suzuki or an Audi?
    I don’t know what actually was wrong with Liana but I know one thing, it was a fail.
    Is it really dirt cheap to maintain? Is it really trouble free? These things apply to Mehran only I think. Be realistic, you can buy a brand new 4×4 in this price, with a bigger engine, and they too offer after sales etc whatever that is.
    And one last thing, money is the main object, otherwise it’s fine 🙂

  19. Bilal Ahmad says

    For a person who does not know what was wrong with liana except that “it failed”(bhair chaal) , also how keeping a german car isn’t the same as a jap one, what’s the point of arguing 🙂

    A person looking for a comfortable sedan would not buy a 4×4 because of a whole range of reasons, starting from, they are NOT comfortable Its like someone who needs dress shoes buying a pair of flashy sneakers since they had the same price tag. The Kizashi makes a lot of sense because of money being the main object, the dots you connected were taken out of context.

    The area you have been missing by miles in each of your argument is “category”.

  20. Ahmed Hembel says

    Yeah, pointless to argue someone like you. You can’t just create a new category and expect to perform well in that when you are some company like Suzuki. Don’t be biased. I have mentioned that I liked it. But in the real world, you just can’t sell it in because of no or very weak competition. I won’t worry about what category it is in as long it is good. But that’s not how competition works. End of argument. These were my opinions, you should question them, you may disagree with them, and I respect your opinions. Thanks.

  21. Bilal Ahmad says

    ” I won’t worry about what category it is in as long it is good. But that’s not how competition works”
    What is this, gul khan school of economics theory 😀

  22. Ahmed Hembel says

    Don’t know what you want, seems you’ve got a lot of time.That’s not a theory that’s what I would do. That’s my opinion. I said I respect your opinions, and I expect you to respect mine.

  23. Aamir Bashir says

    This is a sort of good lesson that Pak-Suzuki should learn … a day will come that would make it hard for them to sell any of their car in Pakistan … they offer no luxury at all even no basic equipment … They r Thieves

  24. Farrukh Fayyaz says

    The people in US don’t know what does it feel like to spend seven hundred thousand rupees (o.7 million) and get 4 wheels with an engine and a thing (certainly not a car) mounted on it (Read Suzuki Mehran)………thumbs up

  25. Fady says

    They would have launched Ciaz to compete with Honda City. But they would never. They are already earning a lot with Suzuki Swift without changing its shape (as India has done) by keeping its price a little lower than the Honda City. So why to invest in launching another car. Now lets say if they do invest to launch Ciaz, as per their greedy thinking, their profit margin won’t be that much as they would keep its price comparable to City to gain its market share.

  26. Fady says

    At the end, I would just ask, “How many units of Kizashi’s have Pak Suzuki sold apart from those which are made mandatory by Pak Suzuki on the dealership owners?” It will be the answer and conclusion of this argument.

  27. Shehzad Shaikh says

    I think all of us should have the idea of comparison. firstly the comparison is among the local assemblers which means the direct comparison is among Suzuki, Toyota and Liana.. then the second criteria will be engine size i.e. 2.4 L which means the direct competitors are Honda Accord and Toyota Camry and I hope the prices are known to everybody.. Toyota Camry 2.4 up-specs AutomaticPKR 10,949,000 i.e. MORE THEN A CRORE, , , , , Honda Accord 2.4 i-VTEC ProsmatecPKR 10,650,000 i.e. MORE THEN A CRORE . . . . Now coming on the features, Kizashi have lots to offer in half the price of both the competitors. Yes you may say that brand perception is lower than that of Honda or Toyota but I must say Pakistan is price conscious market and people ask for price first before looking into the features and benefits the product is offering so if you will tell the customer more or less same features in half the price of other competitors; I must say people will divert their decision. Yes Brand is an important aspect while purchasing any product and when it comes to a luxury sedan car, I would definitely prefer a better brand name. Even after so many good points that I have raised about Kizashi, I would definitely purchase Accord or Camry if it is coming in 6 or max 7 million but for brand, I will not be ready to pay 6 million means 60 lac which is a way huge amount.

  28. salman says

    i have seen 5 to 7 kizashis in Peshawar mostly in white color and black color

  29. adnan says

    This gentleman has completely and totally missed the point. no wonder the quality of opinion blogs on this site is rather poor
    This particular model has not been launched/iimported for ‘sales’. that is not the purpose of this move. it is a marketing move designed to increase the over-all swagger of the brand name and its aura. this is a flagship model with top specs.
    When they see and study market response, they will launch lower powered base line models. that is at least the intention.
    Also this article misses completely that even a mid-size sedan is a HUGE big ticket purchase for pakistanis, who basically don’t drive cars, they drive their egos.

  30. adnan says

    absolutely right! good point

  31. adnan says

    Bro… what new category? there are about 3 dozen model in the world with the 2.0 to 2.4 category? suzuki didnt create any new cat. this Kizashi is not a new model its about 3-4 years old, its launched new here.
    compare apple to apple.
    if you consider to buy Accord for 1 crore, then i would say that is utter silly purchase, because i can get A Merc in that, ( even a 10-15 year old mercedes is better than a stupid japani accord)
    there are 3 issues at hand here 1-_ price point , 2- brand perception 3 – apple to apple comparison. Now please don’t start talking about Civic and Altis etc, and comparing with a 2.4 Litre sedan, in your next comment

  32. Ahmed Hembel says

    Thanks for the response. I totally agree with you. It is a flagship. But the market response you mentioned above wasn’t that much unpredictable that they had to perform the whole experiment to see the results. It was kind of very much understood. They should have started with smaller sedans as you mentioned above, because economy is what a Pakistani expects out of a Suzuki and not luxury. I agree that mid sized sedans are a huge market attraction, but it is way too expensive to be compared with the already available mid sized sedans.

  33. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    This article is correct on all fronts! Whatever the market attempt of Suzuki was, to increase swagger of brand name and its aura bla bla, it will still fail to influence the market as the writer correctly stated that people look for economy rather than luxury in a Suzuki. Thumbs up.

  34. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    This article is correct on all fronts! Whatever the market attempt of Suzuki was, to increase swagger of brand name and its aura bla bla, it will still fail to influence the market as the writer correctly stated that people look for economy rather than luxury in a Suzuki. If I had 5 million, I’d look for a Merc or BMW or Audi or Honda or Hyundai or Toyota, new or used within that price range but NOT A SUZUKI. Thumbs up.

  35. Hasnain says

    You should add 4 lacs more and buy audi a4

  36. Ghazanfar A Shah says

    There is one thing common and unpleasant about all suzuki models, may it be Mehran, Alto etc, even swift ( I have one)….when you accelerate swiftly, the ” Engine speaks before the Silencer” Suzuki cars are not engineered properly… You will not find this problem with Honda and Toyota models.I have a Honda City 2004 also but its mechanical performance is far better than my Suzuki Swift 2012.

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