Top 10 automobile companies in the world

In 2017 Tesla Inc. stock reached a milestone surpassing BMW and climbing the list of most valuable auto companies in the World. Many companies in the world are racing to be the topmost automaker and seller. The updated list of the top 10 companies ranking is given as follows:

Toyota Motor Corp

With a market cap of more than $200 (214 to be exact) billion, Toyota is the largest Auto manufacturing Company in the World. Toyota Prius is the top selling hybrid car in the history, but it has fallen behind in electric car technology. Since 2016, the company has appointed a new CEO to lead the electric car division successfully.


Volkswagen has a market cap of $101.7 Billion. German company sold about 10.7 Million cars in 2017, more than 2016 by an up percentage of 4.3%. The company’s reputation had fallen immensely when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealed they have been cheating on emissions tests since 2008. After that, the CEO admitted the fact. But the last year’s shares were up by 25%.

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The owner of Mercedes Benz and the largest German auto manufacturing company in the world selling 3.3 Million vehicles worldwide last year has a market cap of $84.3 Billion. Although its market cap is down by 26% in the past three years but the investments shareholders hope will pay off in coming decades. It is the first car to offer the hands-off driving feature.


German Company BMW is the most successful luxury car producer in the World with $71.1 Billion market cap, but it is down 16% in the past three years. In 2017, they globally sold 2.09 million vehicles. With the launch of hybrid i3 and i8 they had a strong start in the electric car era, but since then they had fallen behind in electrics.

Honda Motor Company

Japanese Automobile Company Honda popular for models like Civic, Accord and CRV has a market cap of $61.5 Billion which is up by 1.8% in the past three years. They sold 5.02 Million vehicles in 2017. Honda targets for the first driverless car on the road by 2025.

General Motors Co.

It has a market cap of $52.9 Billion and is back on top as the largest U.S. Auto company. Chevrolet Bolt EV was named 2017 Motor trend car of the year and is the competitor of Tesla Model 3.


With a market cap of $48.1 Billion, it only delivered 1764 Model 3s in whole 2017. Musk targeted the production of 1500 Model 3s units in the 3rd quarter and a rate of 5,000 Model 3s units per week. Tesla reported -$4.14 Billion in free cash flow in 2017 as it continues to invest heavily in improving production infrastructure.

Ford Motor Co.

Ford has a market cap of $44.1 Billion. It has been a main part of Detroit based U.S. Auto manufacturing industry since its evolution about a century ago. Its net income has fluctuated indefinitely over the time period of the last five years. Its stock price has fallen by approximately 17%. The new CEO is trying to carry out a turnaround effort that has a plan to launch a completely driverless car by 2021.


With a market cap of $41.1 Billion the price-earnings, multiple contractions have impacted the rest of the traditional auto industries in the recent years has hit Nissan as well. Its market cap has dropped in the past five years despite a 34% rise in revenue and 104% rise in net income in the last four years. It has a partnership with Renault in autonomous car investment. Its leaf electric car was released in 2011 and is the best selling electric car of all time with more than 300,000 models sold through August 2017.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles N.V.

With a market cap of $36.6 Billion, Fiat has grown immensely in recent years with a revenue of $110.9 Billion in 2017. The analysts expect revenue to grow by 5% in 2018 and earnings by another 46%.

The above ones are the top Auto manufacturing Brands in the World. The list keeps changing every year depending upon the revenue and net income.

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