Toyota Land Cruiser Facelift Launched by Indus Motors In Pakistan

Toyota Land Cruiser an SUV, which has ruled the non-paved roads for over sixty-five years and has evolved from being an off-road oriented Jeep to emerge as a Range Rover competitor by becoming comfort oriented without compromising much on its off-roading capabilities. In addition to being NATO’s and UN’s top SUV priority, Land Cruiser has received a decent amount of success in Pakistan.

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While this week, a majority of headlines have been made by Honda Atlas thanks to the launch of all-new Civic and the announcement spelling the death of CR-Z in Pakistan, now it looks like, Indus Motor Company (IMC) wants to steal the limelight from its arch-rival Honda Atlas. That’s right Toyota Indus have finally launched Land Cruiser’s face-lift in Pakistan.


The face-lift was revealed to the world last year and since then many face-lifted Land Cruisers including the ‘ZX’ trim have made it to Pakistan thanks to third-party importers, now though it’s available officially through Indus Motor Company. As of now in total, the following three models are being offered by Toyota Indus for these prices:

  • Land Cruiser GX-R (Diesel) 5-speed Manual PKR 20,699,000
  • Land Cruiser VX (Diesel) 6-speed ECT PKR 23,999,000
  • Land Cruiser VX (Petrol) 6-speed ECT  PKR 24,100,000

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Under the hood,

Both GX-R and VX (Diesel) have an eight cylinder (V8) 32-valve 4.5-liter engine capable of producing 220hp/430Nm (GX-R) and 232hp/615Nm (VX). The only gasoline variant, VX (Petrol) comes with a 4.6-liter V8 Petrol engine which gives out 305hp and 439Nm of torque to Land Cruiser’s wheels. One can find Toyota Land Cruiser 2015 between Rs. 160 lacs to 240 lacs depending on the variant.


Highlights of the Interior features include;

  • Smart Entry
  • Multi-information Display (MID)
  • In-Dash Entertainment System
  • Center Console with A/C vents and Entertainment Controls
  • Cooler Box

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What is your opinion on Pakistan’s face-lifted Land Cruiser? Comment below to let us know!


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  • Guest

    Come on, when you talk about an SUV, please include a section/para for off-road capabilities, such as high/low gearing, transfer case, what kind of differential and locking hubs are present. There are people who still prefer manual locking hubs despite Land Cruiser comes with many automatic things.

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Unlike Indus Prius this would be Sold for these Reasons:

    1.Zero Meter with Warranty
    2.The JDM L.C. Top Speed Still is Pathetic 180km/hr, this one got 260Km/hr
    3.The Average rate of the Mint Condition L.C. is more or less than the top of the line model by IMC.
    3.Last not Least, for The Class that buys this vehicle 2.41 Crore for a zero meter, company warranted & the satisfaction of 260km/hr top speed is literally nothing for them

    Of course it would have less features than JDM’s ZX but it’s Value for money for that class.

  • Waleed Ahmed

    The Worst thing about the Indus, Atlas & not worthy to be mentioned P.S. more like B.S(P.S. Cars are just Worthless Tin Cans shaped like cars) is that they just TOTALLY have Ignored the Middle & lower middle class, right now all their efforts are Entirely focused on Upper-Rich & Super Elite of Pakistan, & that shows that how much their greed have raised by the time that they don’t just give a Single Damn about other than this class.

    They just want that Limit this class to Motorcycles or 2nd Hand or even worst conditioned(Make-up Wali) Imported cars, So Less-Friendly of them, We’ve bought your car for more than 3 Decades & this is what you Give us, Atlas is ASHAMED to launch even HONDA Jazz fearing that their brand will satdn among the Middle class Brand, But, Helloooooooo Mr.Atlas, HONDA is worldwide known for being affordable & to provide Wide range for all the Lower Middle-Elite class of the society not Just Rich & Elite, If any Luxury Brand like Audi or Benz would do such things then they would be somehow OK!

    But For youu, May Allah Give you Hadaya Some day!!!!

  • Waleed Ahmed

    Atlas have test passed HONDA Civic Turbo for which Hi-Octane isn’t easily available just because of 3-Million Price tag, But Not HONDA jazz, Because it’s less expensive, How Low you’ll go Dear atlas?

  • Shahab Nasir

    They are here to do business not public service. u r expecting too much from these corporates. it will be possible if only there were sustainable policies that wud encourage them to invest in vehicles like these.

  • Zulfiqar Ali Soomro

    “In addition to being NATO’s and UN’s top SUV priority, Land Cruiser has received a decent amount of success in Pakistan.” you forgot to mention Al-Qaeda? :p