Honda Atlas Fixes Information After Being Reported on PakWheels

Yesterday evening, I wrote a piece pointing out errors on Honda Atlas’ website which can potentially affect their buyer perception. Today, as per my daily routine, I fired up Honda Atlas’ website and to my surprise, all of the points raised by me in yesterday’s post which received Honda Atlas’ complete negligence for months in the case of HR-V and almost a week for Civic were rectified in under twelve hours after my post went live.

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First up: Wrong information regarding ‘Paddle Shifters’ availability in Civic VTEC Turbo and Civic’s Warranty period!

Here’s a screenshot of All New PKDM Civic’s Official Webpage from yesterday:

Wrong information displayed on PKDM Civic's homepage

Wrong information displayed on PKDM Civic’s homepage

Now take a look of the same webpage today!

Information edited by Honda Atlas on PKDM Civic's homepage

Information edited by Honda Atlas on PKDM Civic’s homepage

Next: Honda HR-V‘s incorrect transmission on its ‘Price Calculator’!

Following is a screenshot of Honda Atlas HR-V’s ‘Price Calculator’ from the day before:

Wrong information displayed on Honda Atlas HR-V's price calculator

Wrong information displayed on Honda Atlas HR-V’s price calculator

 Have a look of the same calculator today!

Correct information displayed on Honda Atlas HR-V's price calculator after our post from yesterday!

Correct information displayed on Honda Atlas HR-V’s price calculator after our post from yesterday!

Some more issues on Honda Atlas’ ‘Price Calculator’ which require some serious attention:

It is nice to see that Honda Pakistan is taking feedback seriously, so here are some more glitches on their website which need to get an edit. These issues are linked to the 2016 Honda Civic’s ‘Price Calculator’ and provided it has just been launch after months of hype in Pakistan, the significance of its official page is paramount. As with the problems seen on HR-V’s official price calculator, in the case of new Civic, the glitch again lies in the transmission area.

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The official price calculator of PKDM Civic shows two rows for transmission whose corresponding values contradict with each other. As in one row ‘Manual Transmission’ is mentioned (which as of now is not being offered across Civic’s line-up) while the actual CV-T is referred to in the other. Such opposing values can create lots of confusions in the minds of their perspective buyers.

Here are the screenshots of the ‘Price Calculator’ for all three variants of new Civic, all of which come with contradicting transmission information:

photo_2016-07-28_10-30-16 photo_2016-07-28_10-31-17 photo_2016-07-28_10-31-21

The edits made by Honda Atlas show the power of raising voice for valid issues. As they are often heard by stakeholders provided they are legitimate with sufficient evidence instead of plain blames. However sadly due to some negativity in our society, strong claims are at times voiced out by illegitimate blame-game. We hope Honda Atlas corrects the further list of glitches on their website mentioned in this article and most importantly provides a fix for new Civic’s build quality issues (which too have been raised by our blog) by taking the matter seriously.

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