VIDEO: 2000 Horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo Says Hello To Ducks

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We have been seeing super car crashes driven recklessly on public roads like an R8 in Florida or recently a Lamborghini Huracan. The exotic cars are no doubt loved by their owners as much as everyone else who dream about it. A crash is a far fetched thing, the owner can’t even think of a scratch on the ride. No one wants to get it totaled, but once you are in the driving seat with a lot of horses at your disposal, a stupid act is inevitable. Some owners spend huge amounts of money tuning these cars to make them more insane and powerful.

Texas is known for “Everything’s bigger in Texas”. Same goes for super cars like Hennessey. There are many well known tuners, many drag racing clubs, and speedways all around the state of Texas.

A Lamborghini Gallardo with a twin-turbo upgrade and an output of 2000 horsepower tuned by some Texas based firm had a very bad day this last weekend in Florida. The driver lost control and the car spins out and ended up in a lake/ pond right next to the drag way. The Gallardo was running for a record time. According to a report, the driver was attempting a 1/2 mile run and was already near 200 mph when he lost control. Some news even reported that a day earlier same car spun-out as well when doing a test run. I think the driver, or diver, is lucky to be safe and I hope the car didn’t get a major damage, though the car will sure spend good amount of time and the workshop.

Here’s the video

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