Driverless Cars Will Be On The Roads By 2020, Says Toyota

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Driverless cars are coming and we all know that. For nearly a decade car manufacturers and companies have been hard at work to bring the driverless car to the public. Driverless cars from companies such as Volvo, Audi, Tesla and Google are already driving on public roads undergoing final testing while they try to knock out the last few bugs that remain within the system. Even trucks are being tested to be driven without drivers. Toyota is the latest of all car manufacturers to take their driverless car in this case a Lexus GS out for a test drive on public roads.

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The car was subjected to a number of tests such as merging into highways, changing lanes and keeping inter-vehicular distance. Toyota has made a bold promise that by the year 2020 it will finally be ready to introduce their driverless cars to the public, which is coincidentally just in time for when Japan is due to host the Olympic games.

The car uses multiple external sensors to recognize nearby vehicles and hazards, and selects appropriate routes and lanes depending on the destination. Based on these data inputs, it automatically operates the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes to drive in much the same way as a person would” said Toyota

Right now the biggest challenge for automakers seems to be making their driverless cars drive more like us humans do. Countless accidents have been caused due to the haphazard driving nature of these driverless cars, so hopefully when these cars finally become mainstream and when Toyota unveils their brand new driverless Corolla you won’t need to anything but relax in the driver’s seat as the car effortlessly takes you to your destination.

Toyota_DLCStory: BBC

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  1. Alpha says

    You have written a half story here. By clicking on the above link Toyota is itself not sure that by 2020 whether these cars will not ready City Driving but are rather sure for Straight forward conditions such as highways and expressways. This corroborates my earlier reply to your futuristic crap in which I highlighted this straightword aspect of driverless vehicles and now this BBC story confirms it. Even if these cars are launched by 2016/ 2020 then such cars will never be able to drive by themselves in third world countries like ours where dogs and cats suddenly cross the roads, coach drivers push you to the road edges when over taking and motorcyclists on highways come from wrong ways and suddenly come in front of you. The computer of these driver less cars will commit suicide by jumping cars of the ridge for once it witnesses our countries highway conditions. I know you want cars to fly by 2015 just cause you liked watching Back to the Future movie but son this is real world and not a James Bond or speillberg movie

  2. atif says

    Too bad this will never happen in Pakistan. There is no modernization or up gradation in the country’s inherently flawed auto policy. Restrictions on imports are gradually increasing as well while auto industry is being overprotected at the expense of consumers.

    Paksuzuki is continuing to Sell decades old obsolete vehicles like Mehran, Bolan, Ravi and Cultus based on late 1970s/early 1980s platform. Even swift is obsolete the world over now. The govt of pakistan still always appreciates them and hands then contracts every year.

    No consumer rights, no safety standards (abs, airbags), obsolete vehicles, delayed delivery, no modern emission standards – local japanese owned industry is only benefiting Japanese economy.

  3. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    driverless cultus, driverless mehran, driverless qingqi :3

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