Punjab Excise Department warns people using cars under open letter

Punjab Excise Department (PED) has warned people who are using vehicles under the open letter. According to the details, the authority has given two month grace period to people who are using cars on open letter to register their cars officially to their names by visiting PED office. Moreover, starting from 1 May 2018, it would be compulsory for the buyer and seller to come to excise office to transfer the car to the new owner’s name using biometric system.

An official of customs department while talking to media said that computerised transfer deeds would be issued, the complete information of transferee, transferred and the vehicle will be printed on them. The buyers and sellers just need to sign and put their thumb impressions on them and submit them to the authority. Additionally, biometric verification would be done by the excise department and also a  snap would be taken as well.

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It is to be noted here that previously the transfer deed only consisted of vehicle registration number, aside from that all the information boxes were filled manually, so it is a great relief.

The official asserted that the policy is being rolled out for the whole province.

Moving onwards, to avoid the hassle of going through a hectic task of transferring cars on their name, people instead use open letter formula, which is declared illegal by the government. Furthermore, this open letter formula according to the customs official has damaged the revenue of the customs.

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