Pakistan Government Considering To Almost Double Fixed Taxes On Used Imported Cars

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It has been reported that the government is considering to rake up the fixed duties on used imported cars. The BR report claims that the “well-informed sources” in Federal Bureau of Revenue have revealed the news of potential substantial tax increase to the paper. The report says that the duties and taxes rates are fixed in US dollars under SRO 577(I)/2005. Since the fixed duties are kind of bottled-up, they are causing the government a loss of tax revenue. Also, subsidizing the import of used cars is hurting the existing local manufacturers as well. The duty structure in SRO 577(I)/2005 was as follows:

S.R.O 577(I)/2005
S.R.O 577(I)/2005

There were a few amendments to the structure, and the last one was made on November 30, 2015. The last change only targeted car with engines above 1000cc. Smaller engine capacity cars (800cc and 1000cc) were left alone and in return had very low tax rates. The report says that locally produced small car Suzuki Mehran has the market share of 78pc compared to small imported car with 22pc market share. In numbers, its 35,260 units of Mehran compared to 9,860 units of imported kei cars. But the interesting point to be noted here is that a locally produced car such as Suzuki Mehran consumes around Rs310,000 worth of locally made auto parts per vehicle whereas vehicles with engine capacity between 801cc-1000cc (like Suzuki Cultus and WagonR) are made up of local auto parts that are approximately worth Rs375,000 per vehicle. The FBR sources are saying that the government argues that if you roughly calculate the tax that the government lost on each unit of those imported units, (Rs310000 multiplied by 9,860), it reaches to Rs3bn per fiscal year. And in a similar way, the tax loss on 801cc-1000cc cars reach to staggering Rs4bn (10,432 units were imported of same engine capacity). The government is eyeing the loss and are not happy about it.

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The report claims that the sources are saying that the new proposed duty for Asian brand cars under 800cc is $7,443 per unit compared to the previous duty of $3575 per unit. The new proposed duty was calculated as an average of the correct duty of Mira, Wagon R models. Similarly, the proposed duty for Asian brand 801cc to 1000cc cars is $9,308 compared to $5000 per unit. And the proposed duty is the average of correct duties on Toyota Vitz and Passo cars.

Interestingly, APMDA (All Pakistan Motor Dealers Association) has asked the government to allow the commercial import of used cars that are up to 5 years old, compared to current three-year rule for the upcoming 2016-27 budget recommendations. APMDA Chairman H.M. Shahzad says that the government needs to take this step in order to break the monopoly of existing automakers and also to increase the choices of vehicles for the Pakistani auto consumers. However, only registered APMDA members will be issued commercial import license for the sake of transparency.

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The proposed taxes are almost double to what the importers are paying right now. These small cars in the under 800cc to 1000cc engines category was most popular only because they were relatively cheaper and were providing far better options compared to locally assembled cars of the same class. And that is why they were so in demand. And now the government after the same thing. Let’s how the things roll out in the end, but until then, maybe it’s best to get yourself a used kei car before the new budget.

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  1. Awais Yousaf says

    70 lacks VEZEL anyone?

  2. Azeem Waqar says

    Long Live Nawaz and Ishaq

  3. Waleed Ahmed says

    Can’t think of anything better but this: :'(

  4. Guest says

    This was bound to come. As the government is coming up with new automotive policy, it needs to show to the possible new entrants that the situation will be made more favourable for them. This does really mean that in the short term, the used car market would go nuts, and in the long term too, the entry price of your first vehicle would only increase. But the choice, features, variety, standards etc. will also increase.

    One way to avoid this was that government itself make a special purpose vehicle (SPV is a type of company, not a type of car) to do this. Such activity is more reasonable in some countries like Middle East or China, but not in Pakistan where private sector is already established and government style planned company cannot beat the efficiency of private company.

    The steps will only create frustration if government does not force local car assemblers to improve their quality and offerings. Remember the majority customers already get the pathetic local cars. Few people get the JDMs. Remember the JDMs are manufactured by the same companies in Japan who manufacture the pathetic local cars in Pakistan.

  5. Azeem Waqar says

    Pakistan sai Zinda Baag

  6. Visitor says

    Great News…………….. Ab meri Mehran……………….Sub len Gay

  7. shoaib shah says


  8. Waleed Ahmed says

    Yes!! Indeed!! 🙁

  9. Waleed Ahmed says

    Don’t worry, their are many Nut-Heads to Buy HR-V at whatever HEFTY Price tag they’ll get.
    Just to appreciate the Big 3 to Stab us more n moree……

  10. Waleed Ahmed says

    The Sad thing is these Companies have Become Super Bad Neeyat (بد نیت) to think of providing quality vehicles like JDM, not even close!! & I see no intention of decreasing their prices at all!
    They’re just adding features & WORST thing is they’re charging EXTRAA for it!!

  11. Waleed Ahmed says

    & This auto Policy will not be like a Swing of a Magic Wand, I really hope so that more companies will come but it will take many many years for new companies to Give a wide range of Cars,Provide a Quality service & even then they can’t match the quality of Jap Built.
    Not to forget their are many Important issues to attend & solved before this car Business!

    May Allah Almighty Bless Pakistan.

  12. Waleed Ahmed says

    Good for You!!
    lollz!! 😛

  13. MEHRAN says

    Don’t sell used mehran, just wait till budget and after that every mehran owner can fetch higher and better prices. Similar is the case with used JDM cars. Don’t sell your gold mine cheaply prior to budget.. now it’s time to get 2x prices on car which you have already used for couple of years.

  14. Aam Awaam says

    my blood is boiling right now … WHAT THE FUCK !! …. kutti haraam zaadi govt hai humari :@

  15. pappu says

    I hope this is not something spread in the market to sell JDMs quickly.

  16. Samajhdaar aadmi says

    Aur do nawaz shareef ko vote pml n worst government ever .. since they are also making zardari the president again ..

  17. Ahmad Bilal says

    If they increase the taxes, i would leave Pakistan, enough is enough yar pehle hi 3 gario ki price pr aik milti hai hai yahan.

  18. Awais Yousaf says

    Well if this happens i will buy a donkey cart instead of any locally assembled car.

  19. Rosh says

    Who is the genius making government understand that if Mehran is using 300K worth of locally assembled parts than it means FBR is losing same amount in revenues.
    Just to let our goof nation know; total build cast of Mehran is less than 300K, just manage a view into itemized “Planned parts details” and per unit miscellaneous cost including labor cost. You will see a magic figure of 292K.

  20. Waleed Ahmed says

    I want to say many things Bro! 🙁 But can’t!! So Dipressed!

  21. Hassan Rao says

    What’s the problem with the government man!!…. harr taraf sa loot rha haien aavam ko.

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