Toyota Indus Is OK With Auto Policy But No New Small Car In Near Future For Now

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Although the overall sales figures of locally produced cars in Pakistan seems small compared to other countries, the rampant increase in the past few months are no doubt projecting a brighter future. During the first ten months of the current fiscal year 2015-16, around 185 thousand units of cars were produced and sold in Pakistan whereas only 151,134 cars were sold in the previous fiscal year. Bear in mind these figures only address the locally made cars and not used imported vehicles.

Most of the cars sold in Pakistan fall in the small car category. But it is kind of unfortunate that there is only one car available in this segment. And that vehicle is Suzuki Mehran. The decades-old 800cc Mehran has been enjoying the small car market on its own for years now. But now it feels like the market has also started to realize this fact.

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CEO Indus Motor Company Parvez Ghias remarked that Toyota Japan taking controlling hold of its subsidiary Daihatsu would have a very positive impact on Pakistani market as well. The CEO was talking to ET and said that approximately 1 million motorcycles are sold in Pakistan, showing a potential in the small car segment as well. And the fact that Toyota Indus Motors didn’t have anything to offer in that sector is unfortunate. The CEO further said that Daihatsu Cuore was discontinued worldwide after the popular hatchback completed its lifecycle. He stated that Toyota Indus Motors has pondered to launch a new small car, but there hasn’t been any progress in this regard.

When asked if Toyota Indus Motors is considering to launch a new car in Pakistan, the CEO said that is too early to say anything. He revealed that Indus Motors is in talks with Toyota Japan in this regard and has informed the Japanese automaker about the need for a smaller car in Pakistan. He preferred not to disclose anything further and said we will announce if there is anything new in the pipeline.

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Mr. Parvez Ghias commented on the Auto Policy 2016-2021 saying that had the government launched the Policy four years ago, the Pakistani consumers would have been enjoying the benefits of the Policy now. He remarked that there would be the positive impact of the new auto policy even after the delay. He said that if the government thinks there is a gap in the current market of Pakistan, and the European automakers can fill that gap, then they should be welcomed. The CEO pointed towards the increasing numbers of used imported vehicles saying that our market still has a lot of room for the new auto assemblers.

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  1. Usman says

    So indus didnt behave like suzuki. Good! Neither have I seen any statement from atlas. Its only suzuki thats doing rona dhona.

  2. Guest says

    Indus need not behave like Suzuki because Corolla, Hiace and Hilux ahve been unbeatable throughout the world. Indus offers the latest offerings, albeit without many features. But if the skeleton is there, the features can be added any time, such as you just saw, Indus at the slightest threat of automtive policy and upcoming Civic X, added many features to Corolla as standard.

    But Suzuki is in a different league. They are selling really, really obsolete stuff. Even the customers who buy their offering unashamedly and unabashedly claim that they (customers) totally loathe whatever they have just bought, but were unfortunately forced to buy it because there was no other choice.

  3. Usman says

    I Agree with you.

  4. Muhammad Yasir says

    while it is heartening to hear … but ,


    just bring in the NEW guys from EU , US and ESPECIALLY my dear CHINA !

  5. Muhammad Yasir says

    i just have a beef with the prices. there are no budget cars and nothing for the students to afford who do not want to commute through the precarious motor-bikes.

    i wish the new entrants THINK about this , AT THE VERY LEAST !

  6. Jaun Raza says

    Its understandable that we cant get cars or parts from india, but we cant we get cars from iran ? They have pretty well cars to offer in pak. Y we are not benefiting from hamsaiye and inviting expensive and egoistics companies to pak ?

  7. Salman ahmed says

    Dear china cars are substandard as compared to eu manufacturers .

  8. Salman ahmed says

    Students ke hath garia na hi aye to acha ha .students ne jo motercycles ka hal kia ha saab ko pata ha

  9. Shiraz Maqbool says

    Hahaha Jo baat hai!

  10. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    Education is the need of the hour.
    Un jaahil racers ko pakarna hoga jo support krte hain larkoun ko.

  11. Lazy Sapper says

    Iranians can only stab in the back. It’s just their centuries old legacy to always play dirty.

  12. Lazy Sapper says

    So Chinese drive substandard cars and still driving the fate of world’ economy! I don’t think so. It’s just they shove substandard products up the Pakistanis arses.

  13. Jo says

    Why cant Suzuki import Ignis like it imorts Jimmy and Kizaski? We need other options and Ignis looks like a pretty ok crossover vehicle plus it even had a hybrid model. How can one import it? Tired of the small cars available in the market. About time we poor Paki customers are given better and new models rather than old age models and technology. Not fair.

  14. Jaun Raza says

    I dont know who u r ? And what u want to say, my comment was particualy for automobile, stop spreading hate , we are failed nation our pm even cant have his treatment in pak and we are bashing on others , our atom bomb is useless we even cant hit a drone, stop hating and accusing other do something for yourself.

    I am not iranian or indian spokeperson but iran has completed pipeline and begged pak to complete on your side but we got expensive gas from qatar coz of comission, iran offered us electricty but we wanted turkish expesive one, iran offered chabar and gawader merger then still we werenot intreseted coz of usa and saudia.

    If iran and india is against pak china coridor then why did chines President went to iran and has billions of dollar trade agreement? Stop playing on the hand of wahabi takffiri gulf states , they are just exporting extremisam in pak from deobandi madrassah, saudi even dont make a pamper what will we get from them ?

    India,china,iran,indonasia etc are future.

  15. Muhammad Yasir says

    im talking about SENIOR students … like those doing masters or bachelors and have a driving license/are of driving age. i fall in that category and a budget car would aid me greatly in the daily commuting business.

    im not talking about SPOILT BRATS who drive without concern.

  16. Muhammad Yasir says

    undoubtedly …

    china STILL has alot to learn BUT their companies are WAYY better that what they were… you should really explore their current car market. i think pakwheels wrote an article about their companies who have cars comparable to US and EU equivalents AND have GREAT value for money !

  17. Lazy Sapper says

    So you are the Shia who wants rafadi Ayatollah’s stomach gas fed to the pipelines of Pakistan? Listen horse worshipper, Shia started current shia-sunni war in middle east and it is the shia who is doing massacre of Muslims in Syria and Iraq. It was shia bedbug who threatened to attack Saudi Arabia from Yemen. Iran with its takfeeri shia terrorists has sabotaged the peace of Karachi. Yeah that mqm leader Altaf Hussain is also a shia. Now don’t forget that Zardari shia who devastated this country in 5 years and his shia party is still doing the same in Sindh. So if you want “martyrdom”, join evil forces of Iran and get killed in Iraq from the hands of “takfeeri wahabi” fighters.

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  18. jaffer says

    i bet your mothers real proud of you man.

  19. jaffer says

    myopic sandbag.

  20. adnan syed says

    Surely toyota is ok with new auto policy. If they bring back the any model with the brand label of daihatsu, they surely fall under the new auto policy.

  21. adnan syed says

    Please don’t use word paki for ourselves as it is a hate slang.

  22. adnan syed says

    Its not a relegious forum. It doesn’t matter what religion or sect u follow. But what’s matter is we must respect each other irrespect of religion or sect.

  23. Jaun Raza says

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