After New Auto Policy Ghandhara Nissan Is In A Great Position To Launch New Cars In Pakistan

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With the new auto policy giving hope to the people of Pakistan, we will have to see if hope materializes to substantial progress by the auto industry. With Ghandhara Nissan qualifying for Sick Unit/Non-operational Unit and thereby qualifying for incentives for 3 Years:

  1. 10% Import duty on non-localized parts compared to 32.5%
  2. 25% Import duty on localized parts compared to 50%

You can read about new auto policy here!

Ghandhara Nissan officials acknowledged back in November 2015 that they are working to re-launch the brand. They added that assembly will begin late in 2016 when all the details are worked out. Ghandhara Nissan assembly line has the capacity to produce up to 6,000 vehicles per year, which was contracted out until the end of 2015 to Sigma Motors, the assemblers of Land Rover Defender.

Nissan Sunny N16
Nissan Sunny N16

Ghandhara Nissan from 1996 to 2004 managed to assemble 2,573 Nissan Sunny cars before the completely stopped. In 2009 assembly resumed and they started assembling 9th generation Sunny but that too fizzled out soon. Ghandhara Nissan imported few CBU models like Tiida/Latio, Teana, etc. But due to high duties, they were not viable options for the public.

One of the reasons of failure was also poor after sales service. An official here at PakWheels commented,

“No car maker is going to survive without dealership that doesn’t offer proper after sales service, Nissan won’t do well if customers don’t find its spare parts,”

Asked to comment on Ghandhara’s apparent failure on dealership format, CFO Baig said

“No point in discussing the past, what is done is done, we will come with proper planning.”

The question is will Nissan be able to capture a tricky Pakistani Market and also at the same time fight the monopoly of Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki. Many believe in Nissan’s capabilities to do so because it is not the same Nissan which left our market few years ago. Let’s delve further.

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Nissan Japan since 1999 has formed a Partnership with the French automaker Renault. Together their total global sales are only behind Toyota, General Motors (GM) and VW (Volkswagen). Together they control 6 other sub brands:

The alliance itself has worked brilliantly and resulted in forming additional partnerships with automakers like Germany’s Daimler (Mercedes), China’s Dongfeng Motors and Russia’s AutoVaz.

Nissan is expanding its global brand, competing worldwide which is proved by rising sale numbers. There can be no doubt that Nissan has the know-how and expertise of how to compete in a challenging market like Pakistan.

Below are some of the models with their prices (taken from USA and Indian Markets and converted to PKR) which I think can be brought into our market by Ghandhara and can sell on large scale:


I think it is the best time for Nissan to show what it can actually do. They make great cars, and there is no doubt about it. It’s their strategies in Pakistan that have hurt them. Let us hope Nissan has learned from the past and is now ready to deliver Pakistanis some amazing cars.

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  1. وجاہت علی says

    i like the prices!! thumbs up to NISSAN…………..

  2. Ahsan Zafar says

    Are these prices confirm or just an idea ? these cars are also coming or these are also just idea

  3. Muhammad Yasir says

    hoping for the BEST!
    ESP KWID !

  4. Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq says

    Faw v2 still the best as compared to KWID. I know that both cars are from different categories but KWID is Without ABS, Without Power Windows and Without Air Bags (optional and only for driver) … I Wish KWID introduces these 3 things 🙂

  5. JLodhi says

    Better to bring Hyundai and VW into the market
    they have a lot to offer and has economical cars best for Pakistani roads and people enough of japanese built now lwts try something new.
    Hyundai has 2.0 fluidic concept and are much better than Nissan and then VW itself is a name and brand that dips other down into mud.

  6. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Kwid has power windows bro, but only for the front windows!
    After April 2017, BNVSAP crash testing standards is coming into effect, which mandates ABS+EBD+Dual Airbags in all the cars. These should be offered as an option irrespective of the car’s variant. So, the KWID won’t be an exception. Same will go for other markets including Pakistan as well. 🙂

  7. Kashif Akbar says

    DATSUN GO will be the first hit of the market if NISSAN decides to offer it. this is the car having everything we need. its gracious, super-drive, and economical. if its offered around 8-9 lacs here which is almost double then its price in india, people of Pakistan will give it first priority. come on NISSAN step up. market waits the pioneer who steps in to break the monoply. we are here to care. i will be the first one to buy it. Friends give as many shares as possible to show our commitment. just see pics as how attractive this car is is. its rediculus to pay 1.2 million for a mica-2014 which is used for 30,000 kms, but we do pay because no alternative is there.

  8. Saad says

    FAW V2 costs 667000 (6 Lacs , 67 thousand) INDIAN RUPEE in Pakistan… 1300cc , with more features than Renault Kwid……………. Game On hai……. While Renault Kwid cost 500000 (5 Lacs ) Indian Rupee………………… It means FAW V2 is the only Indian Priced Car available in Pakistan….. Habibi…..

  9. Shurjil Butt says

    Altima @ 25 lac is the biggest joke !

  10. MySchizoBuddy says

    wait a minute Land rover defender is being assembled in pakistan by sigma motors on ghandara facility. when did that happen?

  11. MySchizoBuddy says

    these prices are based on optimism. They won’t be anywhere near it.

  12. MySchizoBuddy says

    these are not the prices the cars will be launched. these are converted from US and Indian market prices. Pakwheels has a habit of doing this as if they reflect real prices. They haven’t learned anything from Pakistan car market prices.

  13. Rana Mohammad Talha Tariq says

    Should be for all the windows plus still have to wait for april 2017 than

  14. Kashif Akbar says

    that is assembled for military uses only, i guess.

  15. fawad says

    Renault duster is very much Ideal if they launch it Price will be near to City price but i think it will sell good .

  16. Usman says

    It’s mostly used for military but u can buy as a private vehicle if u want.

  17. Usman says

    Happening for almost more than 10 years now!

  18. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Nope….Renault kwid starts at 2.6lacs and the top variant costs 3.6 lacs ex-showroom Delhi. On- road costs will be approx Rs.60K+ ex-showroom price.

  19. Sanjay Natarajan says

    It’s just an year away, bringing in more safety. I think it is worth the wait.

  20. Corrupt.politicians says

    the prices are converted from USA and Indian markets , you are right the car prices won’t be same here in Pakistan and you’re observation is based on reality , that is specifically why these prices should be mentioned , why should our public be looted by these companies and government , these prices are not fairy tales,, if they are possible in USA and India it should be possible in Pakistan too.

  21. Zee says

    Please update the photo gallery. Altima and Sentra have new looks now. Also, Versa has a hatchback version. I feel Versa hatchback can easily target 12 lakh price range and compete against Swift. Sentra (aka Sunny) competes in 16-18 lakh price range and Altima is for above 20 lakh market, probably 24-26 lakh.

  22. MySchizoBuddy says

    USA and India are huge car markets.Look at prices in Brazil and Australia you will be surprised. It isn’t just Pakistan with high duties lots of first world countries have high duties as well.

    These corrupt politicians were voted in by the people of Pakistan no one else.

  23. MySchizoBuddy says

    increase your estimates by 30% and you will have the correct prices.

  24. MySchizoBuddy says

    VW isn’t an economical brand by a long shot. Hyundai/Kia however, are very economical cars.

  25. Malik Khawar says

    Sarfarz ……. Here you are,,, I was thinking and confused about FAW V2. But now , i will surely buy this one…. Thanks for Buying and solving my confusion…

  26. Zain says

    Bhai jan we live in pakistan. Don’t too much happy for their planing big 3 never considered any car from 5 lacs or 10 lacs while faw china’s viz offering 1050. How can ghandhara nissan offer or any other manufacturers below prices.
    They will get insensitive from govt dont u think it will……..

  27. Salman ahmed says

    Its stupid to convert prices from usa straight to pkr without considering other charges . Toyota is good in usa while rubbish in pak .so dont get your hopes high

  28. Salman ahmed says

    The plastic used in faw v2 is rubbish .even inferior to what suzuki use in mehran

  29. Salman ahmed says

    Indian currency is far better then pak one

  30. Salman ahmed says

    Vw is not economical cars manufacturer

  31. Salman ahmed says

    Ghaur se parhoe gae to samajh ajae gi

  32. Shah Zain Bhatti says

    This is Pakistan , nothing will happen here , pajama leaks , big 3 , zardari , load shedding, no petrol, dharna , tahir ul qadri , Pia , imported japanese crap , smuggled cars in Balochistan , Suzuki Mehran , honda cd-70 , LPG , CNG , Q mobile , Donkey’s Meat , Dead Chicken in Shawarma , Adultrated milk , Chemical in Nestle , olpers milk ,Modified weighing machines, electricity theft ,in Short we have NO JUSTICE , NO ACTIVE FOOD INSPECTORS EXPECT QILLA LAHORE , HIGH CHARGES OF LAWYERS , Pakistan is like a MOTOR-MISADVENTURE…… We need REFORMS……. TO HAND OVER PAKISTAN TO CHINA or JAPAN or PANAMA (so we will have to pay no taxes to CORRUPT LEADERS )

  33. Salman says

    Nop Dude…. You seems like Pak Suzuka’s Lover … I will say every one to go to FAW dealeship , inspect yourself, Suduki walon ki baton mein na aaen…… Shukria

  34. Awes Ahmed Khan says

    Where have you done your market analysis.. Altima stands with Toyota Camry and Honda Accord, even if they price it at ~70 lacs it will be a bargain ( and trust me, if Kizashi goes out for ~50 lacs, Altima deserves ~100 lacs).

  35. Mr Khan says

    Oh really , Mr Salman Ahmed , it has rubbish plastic……. HA HA HA … Jealous ….

  36. Zee says

    Thats the point. Mid-size sedans like Camry, Accord and Altima are not worth 50 or 100 lacs. They are $23,000-25,000 in US which according to currency conversion makes them 24-26 lacs price range – given that the versions in Pakistan are usually stripped down. I know its difficult to have these cars in this price bracket, but this is where they should be – this is what they deserve – not 50 lacs.

  37. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Nope….the conversion factor should make the currencies equal, which means Kwid should cost between 4.5-7lacs PKR at the max.

  38. Elections says

    Not at all.
    Military plays a very important role in Pakistani politics.
    Large swaths of land in Sindh and Balochistan are owned by feudals who own everything including the people living on their lands. Those people are slaves generation after generation and do not have a “fair” right to vote. Rather, they have to vote to whomever the feudal lords are sponsoring.
    In quite a few cities, electoral staff (mostly teachers in government schools are assigned this duty) are held on gun point while they cast 25000 or so votes.
    In a certain city, the ID cards of whole communities from slum areas are snatched well before elections so that the party workers can cast vote for thousands of poor people while those people continue to live without an identity for a few weeks.

    The electoral process is always rigged, why blame the citizens for electing the politicians?

  39. Guest says

    Hyundai is already a household name in Pakistan.

    Hyundai first came in yellow cab scheme. Then there was Shehzore, complete along with a local name having a meaning rather than just a name of a landmark (Suzuki has introduced local names but they are landmarks, but شاہ زور has a certain meaning regarding capability).

    When Shehzore was discontinued, things immediately became expensive as the only other option was Hilux. Shehzore costed ~9 lakhs and Hilux sold for 17. Companies who had to buy Shehzores had to switch to Hilux at twice the cost.

    While everybody is talking about family cars, nobody is talking about commercial transport. Why? Does the auto policy not cater to small/heavy commercial transport?

  40. Guest says

    Gandhara can launch many cars including a quick revival of Sunny N16. It was a good car, regal looks, beige interior, 4-spoke steering, ABS, CHMSL and the build quality was much better than locally assembled Honda or Toyota. Afterwards, they started producing locally and still, the build quality was better than Honda and Toyota.

    N16 had none of the problems of other cars. City’s engine knocked a lot, XLi had an undersized engine, Civic’s yearly tax was high and Liana was famous for coil burning antics.

    The only problem Nissan’s GA and QG engines faced was that people did not know they had to bleed the radiator/cooling system just like a Mercedes. So a few of them became famous for heatup issues. This problem was not there in the old E series engines.

    They can even fit N16 with a small 1000cc. Nissan was famous for torquey engines which were very fuel efficient. Just get an engine from March and fit in it N16. Can also put an EPS and 4-wheel discs when they are at it. Options could be projector head lamps and LED taillight. Just like the olden days when Nissan made 1000cc sedans with good features and cheap spares and was very popular.

    The newer cars from Nissan are butt ugly, expensive spares and that horrible CVT. They are not going to be successful in Pakistan.

    If N16 is relaunched with ABS, 4-wheel discs, same beige interior, a modern + torquey 1000cc, I’d buy it immediately.

  41. Muhammed Ovais Alam says

    Bhai thora holay ho jao aur thanda paani pi kr chill karo.
    Ghussay se kuch nhi hoga

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