Mercedes-Benz Unveils its Striking New Golf Cart!

Mercedes Luxury Golf Car

Tesla Motors and its CEO Elon Musk has long received credit for finally making electric vehicles exciting. Before Tesla, electric cars were considered slow and ugly thanks to a vast variety of boring golf carts. While Tesla changed how the world perceives electric vehicles in general by making tech packed high-performance EVs a reality, now Mercedes-Benz looks to have taken the responsibility of changing the “boring/ugly golf cart” phenomenon for good.

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That’s right Mercedes-Benz a company known for making one of the best saloons on the planet for over a hundred years, has shown off its Mercedes-Benz Style Edition Garia Golf Car (Not a ‘typo’, they call it a Golf Car instead of a cart) at the British Open.

Mercedes and Garia’s Golf Car comes equipped with almost everything you would expect from a saloon car except for doors. On the outside, it comes with sleek LED headlights, star-shaped Alloy rims, LED rear lamps, a spoiler which doubles down as a golf bag holder and on top of that you get a roof made out of carbon fiber. Only bummer is that you would not get a Mercedes logo on its nose instead you will need to resort to the Garia’s badge.

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Once you step inside, you are cocooned with luxury as you get a refrigerator under the seat, a paneled storage tray under the dashboard, which can align and store a set of golf balls in a row. On the dash, you get a vertical 10.1-inch touchscreen (sounds Tesla-esque doesn’t it?) coupled with a Bluetooth speaker system. The seat also comes in a leather trim to compliment the Golf Car’s other luxurious offerings. On the technical side, the golf car does not have much on its plate with a top speed electronically limited to 30km/h and an eighty-kilometer range on a single charge which takes six hours to complete.

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As of now the Mercedes Style Edition Garia Golf Car is limited to two units and it will go into production if Mercedes and Garia see its market potential, which in my opinion is a given as golf is often considered as a sport for the wealthy so the affordability for Mercedes’ Golf Car should not be much of an issue. Let’s see if it ever hits the golf courses of Pakistan (You never know!).

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