Non-custom paid cars: A menace that needs to end!

Non-custom paid cars, commonly known as NCP cars, are one of the biggest menaces concerning the local auto industry. People neglecting the consequences buy these cars just to save money. In this blog, we will be telling our readers what they are getting into if they buy a non-custom paid car.

People think that non-custom paid car is cheap and that’s why they should purchase it, however, it is an illegal activity which not only harms the economy, the national treasury of the country as one is not paying the duty and taxes on the car but also openly declaring that they are not a good citizen. The papers which you have made for the vehicle with trickery is also illegal–meaning you are committing another fraud, which might land you in jail if the law enforcement agencies catch you.

ncp cars

The prices of non-custom paid cars are very low compared to the cars which are custom paid. The government has set different tax rates for cars according to their engine capacity. People think that they would purchase a non-custom paid car and use it as much as they can without any worry, but it is just an irresponsible behavior as a citizen of the country. There is not 100 percent surety that the car you are buying is actually a non-custom paid car or a stolen vehicle. There are many cases where the seller sold a stolen vehicle under the guise of a non-custom paid car and the buyer paid a huge price for that.

Non-custom paid cars are smuggled into the country in bits and parts through illegal means and are then assembled locally by mechanics across this side of the border. The people who are assembling these disassembled vehicles are not experts. Simply put, the quality and integrity of the vehicles are compromised once they are dissembled and assembled again. Automakers across the globe put extra effort into the manufacturing of these cars, making them as safe as possible. And all that becomes compromised.

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Furthermore, it is also observed that the people who are running these kinds of shady non-custom paid car businesses; offer Japanese or German cars in cheaper prices compared to the prices what is being offered in other countries or in their respective manufacturing countries. There are two possible scenarios as to why they are selling cars this cheap. First is that the car is stolen and they are selling you as non-custom paid car. The people who buy non-custom paid cars don’t go to the customs office to verify the car they are purchasing; whether it is not the stolen one or not, as they know that they are doing an illegal activity. And if got caught by the police they could face the prison up to many years for fraud.


The second scenario is that the one who is selling these vehicles will ask you to send them some portion of the money out of the whole price and after receiving the money they will send the cars to them. However, they get the money and run away with it never to be seen again. Not only did you not get the car but also lose the money you have sent to the seller.

Back in 2013, the government legalized non-custom paid cars under the then amnesty scheme. For the past many months, people are asking on forum that what is the status of amnesty scheme which the government launched last year. Let us tell you here that the government only announced the amnesty scheme for illegal money and foreign assets, and not for non-custom paid cars. There is a mafia who are selling non-custom paid cars to people while giving them surety that they can get their car legalized under the government’s amnesty scheme, which is not true in any way.

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We are stressing on this point that government has not announced any amnesty for cars except for in 2013 and it is to be noted that the status of non-custom paid vehicles which were legalized in 2013 are not fully cleared as some cars are still facing registration problems.

There is no doubt that the price tag of non-custom paid cars attracts the potential buyer, but it is advised always to buy a custom paid vehicle to avoid any problem and getting yourself behind bars.

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Mr. Suneel Munj has described in detail the problem of buying non-custom paid cars, see his views on this matter in the video below:

Notable Replies

  1. If the taxes are reduced to acceptable levels and import restrictions are decreased, this menace will automatically vanish.
    It thrives due to unfair policies of the govt. Local manufacturers increase car prices 2/3 times a year with same standard.

  2. aa78 says:

    The author seems to be hyperventilating about this issue with great exuberance.

    While being unsympathetic to the NCP trade, I wonder if Mr. Suneel Munj and PW team would vociferously decry the Big 3 (Toyota, Honda, Suzuki) for their unfair price increases (3-4 times this year alone) in the very same tone as used in this article and make the Big 3 out to be a menace to society due to increasing prices and low quality parts and less features of their cars having exorbitant sticker prices. Perhaps PW can officially support the Campaign Against the Monopoly of Big Three being carried out on Facebook. I doubt PW will support it since es se PW ki rozi ko laat parti hai. Baat tou sach hai magar baat hai ruswai ki.

  3. lol.

    and allowing import of cars will solve what?
    will it solve the "too too za four" education standard? - will it solve the poverty and inflation?

    where are you planning to run such cars?

    how are you planning to maintain the equipment in serviceable condition because Pakistan has short cut type maintenance, e.g. people argue about airbags, ABS, cat converters - but will use a cut clasp to silence the seat belt chime, cut out the cat because "mehenga hai bhai" - use junkyard parts like wheel hubs when the ABS sensor fails. Infact junkyard source even maintenance parts like brake pads too.

    what sort of reality do you think you are living in?

    I would vote for cheapening the import and then applying road tax heavy as lead. - e.g. you can buy a passenger car upto 1.8 tons for Rs 400K, but to drive, pay Rs 50K a year as road tax.

  4. NCP cars are legal in Gilgit Baltistan and some parts of KPK. They are a blessing not menace considering the quality of locally manufactured cars and the price factor. Why would someone pay 3 million for a shitty civic or a corolla? Or almost 1 million for a mehran, how Is that justified?

  5. so for you smuggled goods are perfectly OK and should be allowed.

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