Petrol Pump Attendant Caught Red Handed in Lahore

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Scamming at petrol pump stations is nothing new, but catching the wind of these well orchestrated play is a big deal. Same story happened with three gentlemen. It was a normal visit to a petrol station and they asked the attendant to fill the car with 1000 rupees worth of petrol. The situation became interesting when the gentlemen sitting inside the car noticed the fuel meter running erratically. A simple walk out of the car and bill collection from both attendant and digital receipt of previous transaction from the fuel pump revealed that they had been scammed for more then 507 rupees. This incident happened at the Zoom Petrol Pump, M.M Alam Road Lahore. I believe that all of you proceed with extreme caution and vigilance while refueling at all petrol pumps.

As a precaution I would like to quote a previous blog entry from, there are four majorly employed scamming tricks:

  • The Tango Trick
  • The ‘No Click’ Trick
  • Old is Gold
  • Deviations of above tricks

More details: 4 Scamming Tricks by Petrol Pump Attendants in Pakistan 

And following is the video of how those gentlemen caught the scammer.

(Video Courtesy: Gentlemen in the video and City District Government, Lahore)



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  1. Ahmed says

    Kisi chor ki olaad hein ye pump walay, heard many stories about this pump already

  2. Ali Abbas says

    So these fellows never gave up! I am talking about (this particular) ZOOM petrol pump’s management! EARLIER THIS YEAR (January i think) they scammed me for Rs. 100 when i got my bike’s tank filled. I complained to their manager also, who requested me to meet him for details. This should spread like wildfire to be honest, and it already has, a lot! DON’T fill petrol in your cars/bikes from this pump!

  3. Sarosh says

    Labour dabka hai. Poor people we shouldn’t insult them. Maaf krna chahiya. Logon k aibon par parda Dalo khuda tumhray aibon par parda dalay ga.
    A police complain or a complaint to the management of zoom would have been enough. Video banana is not a good thing. Whoever these guys are shouldn’t be proud of themselves it’s a pathetic thing to do.

  4. Shahab Nasir says

    As in thora khud bhi khao thora us ko bhi khanay do? Really?

  5. Sohaib Ahmad says

    isss mulk ka sb say bara dushman gareeb he hai
    gareeeb jo marzi kartaa phiray aur gurbat kay peechay beth kar chuptaa rahay

  6. Salman Ahmed says

    Corruption Isi tarhae parwan charting ha .corruption bacha hi Kyon na karae usko saza do

  7. Khurram says

    Where the hell it is written that being a poor, allows you to commit fraud? And let me tell you something that highlighting a bad person for his bad habit is not a sin, since this spirit of yours help to save other people from being cheated.
    True Muslim does not gets cheated out a second time, so one should know about these tricks. If in my power I would have chopped off his one hand.

  8. FuriousNinja says

    Aibon pr parda dalna or maaf krna alg cheez or apki bat apni jga theek h, pr chori krna or aglay ki hlaal kmai ko churana alg bat h. Jsa k Khurram nay neeche kaha k ese choron k ek dafa hath kat dene chahia.

    Nobody would dare to steal the next time around.

  9. Sarosh says

    Woowwww. Look at the comments are you guys heartless or what. All of you who commented really need anger management. you guys need to bring in some sense if love and forgiveness. I feel depressed that our country has people like you who are not ready to forgive anyone rather you want to humiliate by making videos disclosing peoples identity.

    You guys should have read my comment. Kisi ki baizti na kro ghhareeb log hain pata ni kya Halaat hotay Aur aisa kimon par majboor hotay.

    I also wrote that agar kisi ko zada kharish Aur woh maaf ni kr skta tou video bananay k bijaye police report ya zoom administration ko batatay. Par aisa zaleel krna is not good. Izzat kro insan ki.

    And Mr ramzan look at your language. Baap ka hai na tou samnay a. Jootay tujhe marun ga. People like you adversely effect our society.

    And when did I even mention corruption. The people with corruption comments really misunderstood what I meant. We are no one else to judge anyone stealing nor we have the right to humiliate someone a complaint to the administration and police is enough main hota Aur hota bhi hun aisi conditions main page kaheen dafa tou main maaf krta. What my elders taught is maaf krna wala ka dil bara hota. Allah maafi ka ajar daita.

    A few months agi I caught a colleague of mine stealing from the office he was caught on camera I could have humiliated him by showing his video to people but I didn’t. I just told the administration and he was told to leave.

    Insan ka pata tab chalta jab us k pass moral high ground hota Aur woh tab kaisa react krta. In gari walay sahibon ka tareeqa galat simple. Maafi is better complaint is fair and making a video and showing it to people is just wrong. Whoever agrees fine and who doesn’t please don’t bother commenting cuz you are no better then people of the vehicle.

  10. Bilawal Memon says

    Sir, with due respect,
    1. Do you really believe reporting to police will resolve the issue for good?
    2. When A gareeb Admi will loot jewellery and valuables from your mother and sister at gun point, you will forgive him before he even asks for forgiveness, right? Sorry, An average human won’t.
    3. These guys have been ripping off since ages for buying medicine for their ill parents, right? Majbori hy Na Bhai? Then why bother to complain, let them practice this for good warna job hi chali jaygi phr kysy zrort pori hogi?
    4. If every single garib Admi will be forgiven, don’t you think big hearted people will get ripped off every single time?
    5. Humko Mafi aam karni chahiy, dosre ki majbori smjhni chahiy, then why did you complain against your colleague for stealing stuff and got him fired? Majbori hogi uski b, privately smjha k bat khtm kyun nhi ki?
    6. Do you actually believe that station head is feeling guilty for this act? Again an average human failed to observe that for some reasons.

  11. FuriousNinja says

    Well said.

  12. Sarosh says

    Sir you are right but system is to be blamed. Kisi ki video bna kr zaleel krna kisi ko is not the way. it’s the systems responsibility to sort issues like these. Kisi ko zaleel ni krna chahiya. Insaniyat k natay kha raha. 500 rupay k Liya kisi ka chahra ganda kr daina doesn’t sound right.

    Atleast I didn’t show the video of the colleague to people working. Mera point bs itna k kisi ko ganda mat krain go by the book. Video banana is bad. Learn something from the west have you seen police and robbery programes on TV. They show the whole incident but they always blur the face. Agar video main faces blur hotay tou I wouldn’t have argued. Video chala do pump dikha do kon sa par kisi ka chahra kisi ki izzat doesn’t sound right.

    Mera bs itna point. Aur sir In my view maaf kr daina is better.

    Do you agree or not agree.

  13. Bilawal Memon says

    If I am convinced that practice won’t be repeated, I will forgive definitely. But in this case, I still don’t trust them. My case may be exception, when I was in Pakistan, I was blamed and punished numerous times for the shit I didn’t even know how to do, yes, thanks to our system, so no soft corner is left for any garib Admi anymore.

  14. Ahtsham says

    pakwheels would be better served by not letting vitriol like this get published to maintain some form of respect as the country’s only auto blog worth reading.

  15. Sarosh says

    Yeah sir you are absolutely right.

  16. Sandtiger says

    Mark my words, this is an act of theft which should not be forgiven. Till the time, you won’t shame them, this
    practice won’t end. It’s a habit which they cannot let go off, should be reported, brought in front and person responsible for it should be inflicted in worst of the ways possible. People who are telling to forgive this act, I completely disagree. By forgiving this act, you are not doing any good to the society. This was not an unintentional act, unintentional acts should be forgiven. One should be kind and reasonable but by forgiving here, you are being unreasonable because the guy will continue to do what he has been doing.

  17. desikartoos says

    Shame on those people sympathizing with these crooks for exposing these crooks. These people should be exposed by making video…. Kudos to people made this video and exposed scum bags, low life. I don’t care about these scum bags cheaters are employees or owners Not only they should be exposed and procecuted.

  18. Desikartoos says

    Ahtsham Sahib, Sir are you out of your mind? You wrote ” maintain some form of respect as the country’s only auto blog worth reading”.

    People like you are also part of the problem. This petrol pump is cheating customer and you are lecturing for the sake of country respect, people should keep these things under the rug. Come on grow up and be more sensible, cheater protects cheater.

    I will request the visitor of this blog and reader to spread the word to your friends, colleges and neighbors to stay away from this ZOOM Petrol Pump. DO NOT GO THIS PETROL PUMP FOR FUEL.

    Sir, bottom line is government department responsible to oversee business and check petrol pumps for correct measurement of fuel dispensing and measurement are themselves CROOKS.

    I SALUTE these customer for making video and exposing fraud.

  19. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    1. Haha, in foreign countries every felony is added to your record which can be accessed by employers, education and other services whenever one goes to them.

    2. This crime is being carried out at a public place. If the criminal had “haya, sharam or izat e nafs” he wouldn’t have done it”.

    3. You might be able to afford 500, can everyone?

    Last but not least, don’t judge don’t judge kar k hum apna bera khud gark kar rahy. Lifestyle choices shouldn’t be judged, morality should be judged but not interfered unless it directly affects you but why shouldn’t one judge a crime?

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