Top 5 car maintenance tips everyone should know

Every car requires regular maintenance to keep it into the top-notch condition, and naturally, everyone wants their cars to last longer. Maintaining your cars regularly has numerous benefits like the engine and mechanical parts last longer and are less prone to malfunctioning or breaking down.


It’s always better to keep performing regular maintenance. Otherwise, when the cars develop problems, there are generally massive problems which end up costing more money to fix than regular maintenance would have cost.

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Your vehicle’s owner’s manual has all the details of what maintenance it requires and at what intervals but here are some basic maintenance tips you should never ignore:

1. Engine Oil:

The most important maintenance for any car is to change the engine oil regularly. Engine oil helps with the lubrication of all the mechanical parts inside the engine block. Be sure to change the engine oil from 4-6 thousand kilometres and clean the engine air filter to keep the engine running seamlessly. Remember only to use the specified oil recommended by the manufacturer.

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2. Coolants

Many people end up filling the car’s radiator with water. A very common mistake you should try to avoid. Water rusts the pipes of the radiator, turns into steam quicker requiring refilling often and does not provide efficient cooling as a coolant does. Coolant may be expensive, but you don’t need to worry about changing it for at least 70-90 thousand km.


3. Brakes:

The most important tip is to get your brake pads serviced properly and replace them if necessary. Brake pads wear out according to your driving style. If you drive more aggressively, then your brakes may wear out quicker. If worn out brake pads are left unserviced too long, they end up damaging the rotors too so remember brakes are the only thing stopping your car so maintain them regularly.


4. Transmission Fluid:

Change your automatic transmission fluid. It gets dirty over time, and the gear changes will get jerkier if you don’t replace it. Be sure to replace it after 40000 km. Transmission is a delicate part of a car so be sure to check which transmission fluid is suitable, like ATF, CVT etc.



5. Waxing:

If you want to keep your car shiny, you need to remember to wax the car. It’s a good idea to wax the car every 2-3 months. The paint on you car needs to remain flexible. By not waxing the car, the paint dries up gradually and ends up cracking or fading. So give a little shine every now and then to make sure your car’s paint doesn’t fade away.

Waxing and Polishing Car

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