2 Renault Cars that are Perfect fit for Pakistan

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What a year 2016 has turned out to be for the automotive industry of Pakistan. Ever since the announcement of the new Auto Policy, it seems as if we have been served with a buffet of automobile brands. With Renault becoming the first prospective entrant to reveal their investment plans for Pakistan officially, it must be noted that Datsun, Nissan and SsangYong are also set to follow suit.

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Now, it is about time for us to take a look at cars from Renault that may well be the perfect fit for our market.

First up: Kwid

Kwid a good option for Pakistani Market
Renault Kwid

Kwid has been able to receive universal acclaim for its class, leading ground clearance and extremely affordable price tag. Starting off with affordability, Kwid in India starts at the cost of INR 264,000, which translates to PKR 413,000. And since Kwid is cheaper than even Maruti 800 in India, by only using the idea of value relativity, we wouldn’t be too surprised to see it coming with a price tag lesser than that of a Mehran in Pakistan.

Kwid big trunk
Renault Kwid’s 300-litre boot space

Being an entry-level crossover, Kwid comes with a striking exterior characteristics, a length of 3,679 mm complimented by a wheelbase of 2,422 mm and width of 1,579 mm. On top of all that, you get a ground clearance of 180 mm and a decent 300-liter boot space. In terms of engine options, customers in other markets get to choose either a 0.8-liter or a 1.0-liter engine, both of which are claimed to be capable of achieving fuel efficiency in the sub 20km/litre bracket.

Kwid interior
Dashboard of Renault Kwid

As far as the interior is concerned, Kwid comes with one, that at-least to me, looks better than what you usually get in modern Kei cars; thanks to its superior form factor and a larger cabin space. But as with any other “to-be-released” car, a verdict can only be given after seeing the car first hand.

Renault Kwid Sale Numbers
September sales for Kwid clocks in at over 10k in India

Next up: Duster

Duster offroading
Renault Duster

Next on the list is the long-rumored Duster, previously speculated to be coming through Renault-Dewan joint venture (which never made through), now finally seems to be nearing its journey to Pakistani Market. For starters, Duster is a compact SUV, which has been in production since 2009.

Duster rear
Renault Duster Tail Lights

With a decent starting price of INR 854,000, Duster’s main selling point is its affordability. Granted the relatively favorable duty structure and a fierce compact SUV competition present in India, we can still expect it to fall in the sub-PKR 2.0 million-2.5 million price point when it eventually launches in Pakistan.

Interior of Duster
Renault Duster Interior

Further to its attractive pricing, Duster comes with an option of both, four-wheel and two-wheel drivetrains. In India, only gasoline option arrives in the form of a 1.6-liter engine, which is capable enough to produce 104-HP and 148-Nm of torque. With the distinctive exterior styling and decent dimensions, probably the greatest understatement to Renault Duster comes through the virtue of its relatively underpowered engine and a dull interior. Other than those two, Duster has pretty much every box checked, to make a name for itself in our market.

Renault launching in Pakistan
Renault in Pakistan

Now as things are pointed in the right direction, we hope that Renault bears in mind the competitive edge they could induce by exploiting two of Pakistan’s fundamental selling points: ground clearance and price, both of which can be best served with the launch of Duster and Kwid.

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  1. Waqar says

    Am I the only one that finds the name “Duster” hilariously bad? What’s next Renault Sweeper?

  2. Scorpion86 says

    Renault Chalk :p

  3. Titan67 says

    Is Kwid a crossover?

  4. Mohammad Zeeshan Fahd says

    I think TWINGO, CLIO (in lower class) and Megane (upper end) are models that may succeed …. I doubt they will have a chance in our market with above proposed models … I guess the blogger above consulted indian renult and thus commented on above models …..

  5. Sanjay Natarajan says

    A pseudo-crossover, may be! It looks like one, but actually it isn’t.

  6. Sanjay Natarajan says

    The author has forgot that localisation of the kwid has helped Renault achieve this rock-bottom prices. Kwid is localised at over 98%.

  7. Sheikh says

    I bet you haven’t seen the author. Hez a school kid who write blogs for pakwheels

  8. Adan Ali says

    Agreed about the localisation…. And granted the incentives in place for new entrants for Pakistan….. seeing Kwid for a price of around PKR 700,000 won’t come as a surprise especially when you also keep in view Renault’s plans to invest $100 million for manufacturing in Pakistan

  9. Adan Ali says

    Dear Zeeshan, as for any other product region plays an extremely important role in its availability. Although TWINGO would make complete sense for Pakistani market, it is currently only available for European markets and is assembled in only one plant which is in Slovenia, same goes for Clio and Megane which I believe are only being made in France and Turkey, all of that give slim chances of their launch in Pakistan. Kwid and Duster however are 2 cars for which Renault has been vocal about and has reportedly expressed their interest to BOI (Board of Investment) in bringing them to Pakistan.

  10. Adan Ali says

    Yes it is classified as an entry-level crossover OR to put it more simply as a Kei Crossover…..

  11. Sanjay Natarajan says

    Renault Trash?? 😛

  12. Zulfiqar Ali Soomro says

    Renault Charas

  13. Tahir Shabbir says

    Pakistanio nay end apy laini Mehran he ha 😛

  14. M. Asad Aslam says

    kya hogya hai aap k taste ko :p

  15. Waqas says

    Don’t bring Renault in Pakistan they are the worst car, bring general motors car they are better and reliable.
    Pakistani from France.

  16. GuestPaki says

    Yes, but GM will not give cut to Mr. 50% and will not buy steel from Sharif family for their cars. So no luck there.

  17. GuestPaki says

    Mark my words, Pakistanis will have to pay 4 times more for this sub-standard crap than what Indians pay. Because Islamabad is in control of looters who don’t want Pakistani people to drive better cars.

  18. UHS says

    Adnan ali ke khayali pulao

  19. Adan Ali says

    Yeah my khayali pulao which somehow happen to be Renault’s Khyali Pulao that made their way to Pakistan’s “BOARD OF INVESTMENT”

  20. TrueThis says

    kid: my dad just bought a Duster

  21. BlackScorpio says

    Renault already mentioned that they bringing these cars here. Writer ney bhi bilawaja mehnat kardi

  22. Muhammad Ali says

    salam everyone renault is available in pakistan or not

  23. Muhammad Ali says

    if available then please help me to get this in pak as soon as posible
    i want this on instalment i am a govt servent

  24. haider says

    sir ye 4lac13 hazar ki hai??

  25. Muhammad Bilal says

    413,000 price in Pak rupees on which currently its sold in India, Calculated from currency conversion rates , But cars in Pakistan is 3 time more expensive than India , So by that price will be around 13 lakh in pakistan

  26. Bilal Khan says

    Hi there I would like to have the contact no. For this car I was thinking to buy it but can’t find the link can someone help me. Thank you

  27. ahsan says

    when the kwid car opening in pakistan

  28. zain says

    Dear friends, any brand of cars with reight and left hand drive is available, export destination europe + england+ payment in pakistan send me the e mail with your contact number and time table we will contack you, thanks alot
    [email protected]

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