Will Toyota Corolla Xli Discontinue with effect from 2017?

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Some 2 years back, a blog post at PakWheels.com made some predictions based on the data gathered from various sources and the news circulating around the auto enthusiastic community. The prediction enumerated along the possibilities of Toyota Corolla receiving a minor model change across its all models in the year 2016, and Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vios hitting the market in 2018.

By the time this prediction was made, the new Toyota Corolla line-up had already been introduced in the local market and people were ecstatic for the launch of the new sleek-shaped Corolla variants.


Naturally, it befalls to the auto journalists to keep the public updated. Indus Motors Company had lately announced the new features to be implemented across its Corolla Range from May, 2016 with increase in prices from 20,000-60,000 rupees, depending on the model and updated features. It should be noted that the new features included auto-retractable side mirrors, SRS air bags, jack knife key, dual-sided steering functions instead of a single sided function, but the most anticipated function of immobilizer and the addition of climate control. Most of these upgrades were aimed for the top of the line model Corolla Altis Grande followed by GLi and Xli, which leads me to point out the fact that one part of the prediction has been proven correct but what about the discontinuity of Xli, is it likely to happen?

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If Toyota Indus Motors is really planning to discontinue Toyota Corolla Xli 2015 then their decision to challenge the new auto policy in the Sindh High Court earlier this month could be presumed as the first step to gradually start phasing out this car from Pakistani market.

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And that’s what leads me to point out the second part of the prediction which reveals the possible phasing-out of Toyota Corolla Xli in 2018, whereas the GLi could possibly be upgraded with a 1.5 liter engine and Altis Grande to retain its top spot in the Corolla line-up. But what about the 1.3 liter category? Is ‘Toyota’ going to leave it at that and destroy its stronghold in the entry-level sedan market? The answer could possibly come in the form of Toyota Yaris and Toyota Vois.

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There is even more good news in the form of ‘Toyota Yaris’ which we have known as Vitz (hatchback) and Belta (Sedan) in Pakistan for quite a few years. Apparently, Toyota Indus has decided to rename the car in order to distinguish the difference between locally produced and imported model of the same car. It will be featuring 1.3 liter engine with options to choose from manual and automatic transmission. This car’s price range could be somewhat similar to ‘Suzuki Swift’. Furthermore, the Toyota Belta which is the sedan version of Toyota Yaris, could be taking place of the possibly discontinued Toyota Corolla Xli. Its price could be similar to the current model of ‘Corolla XLi’.


Over the years Toyota Indus Motors has introduced quality cars in Pakistani Automotive Market and their growing public relations are nothing to scoff at. The recent upgrades in their car fleet has further pushed their overall sales. This approach has helped in broadening the public’s view on new cars. Thus, it wouldn’t surprise me as such if Toyota Indus Motors might be planning to bid farewell to one of their most iconic cars in Pakistan.

But when? Only time will tell us.
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  1. Kamran says

    Whats the news or whats new in this article?

  2. Guest says

    1. XLi may be discontinued.

    2. Previous articles predicted some changes 2 years ago, some of those changes have happened, some have not.
    3. Corolla 1.3 may be discontinued, as XLi would be removed from the lineup and GLi would be upgraded to 1.5.
    4. To fill the gap of 1.3, Belta (sedan) would be introduced.
    5. Vitz (hatchback) or Vios (hatchback) could also be coming.

    A needless “maska” type line related to the quality of cars and offerings of Indus has been included.

  3. Bitter_truth says

    “mai te honda he lain saaan” karlo gaal

  4. Ahmed says

    “Over the years Toyota Indus Motors has introduced quality cars in Pakistani Automotive Marke”

    Nice joke, BUHAHAHAHAHAHA Toyota and Suzuki are the same in terms of quality, this is a awful truth you guys need to understand.

  5. Xain Shah says

    Spot on !!

  6. Xain Shah says

    The Blogger and the Blog is seriously well paid !!

  7. Smokingaces says

    Can you please stop writing “preliminary” and “hopeful” articles?

  8. Masroor Gilani says

    Indus Motor Company has introduced a new variant of XLi called XLi limited edition. It is equipped with an LCD and rear view camera and will be available in all colours of GLi as previously Xli was limited to Attitude Black and White colours only. Whenever, IMC is about to launch a new model or a facelift, it introduces special editions of Xli, so seeing past trend we can cautiously predict that a facelift is around the corner.

  9. deltree says

    If this news becomes even close to true the investors will acquire these by the dozens when the time comes close.

  10. Umar Gilani says

    Discountinuing XLi 1.3 will be a mistake in my opinion. Toyota will lose its market share not only that but also an oppurtunity of exporting this variant of corolla to overseas market such as our neighbour countries, as Pakistan is still i think only one producing 1.3 variant. Introducing new class of cars will aquire that segmant, true but lets state the fact even in corolla only xli is one which is dominant over its other variants.
    Rather then leaving a hole in that sagment Toyota should just introduce yaris, belta in its orignal niche 1000cc. Introducing new product on expense of its sole brand dominat variant is with lot of risk which should be considered.

  11. AbdulB1 says

    actually they should have discontinued long ago as this kind of corolla only sells here.

  12. Usman Haider Sheikh says

    1. no other country pays for a corolla that lacks basic amenities.
    2. Pakistan isn’t producing anything, almost all parts are imported from Thailand and assembled here. any other country manufacturing corolla just needs the 1.3 engine (which is also exported from Thailand or Japan)
    3. There’s GLi that can serve the same segment just as well, people should make their mind to pay for immobilizer and abs at least when buying any car above 1.5 million.
    4. If swift from suzuki(worse brand image than toyota) can sell, then I don’t see any problem in a Toyota vitz or belta 1.3 to sell here. It’ll serve the category that needs premium hatchbacks but has to opt for imported ones.

  13. Aamir Yousuf says

    Umar Sahab Belta ka regional engine variant 1000cc hai in few countries(including in Japan), Originally globally it is Yaris Hatchback and Sedan with 1.3 nd 1.5 variants.

  14. Aamir Yousuf says

    @AbdulB1 I agree, It demotivates buyers of Altis Grande and other variants because if badges are removed, It almost impossible to tell the difference (specially from behind)

  15. Aamir Yousuf says

    Yeah, right , But what about durability?

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